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Search Strategy Used to Create the Dietary Supplements Subset on PubMed

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This strategy was developed jointly by NLM and the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health. It is designed to limit search results to citations from a broad spectrum of dietary supplement literature. This subset can also be used in a search as dietsuppl [sb].
Example: anemia AND dietsuppl [sb]

Strategy last modified February 2013.

((dietary supplement* OR 
orthomolecular therapy [mh] OR 
orthomolecular OR 
multivitamin*[tw] OR 
multi vitamin*[tw] OR 
multimineral*[tw] OR 
multi mineral*[tw] OR 
nutriceutical*[tw] OR 
nutraceutical*[tw] OR
alternative medicine [tw] OR integrative medicine [mh] OR (complementary[tw] AND alternative[tw]) OR 
complementary medicine [tw] OR 
complementary therapy [tw] OR 
complementary therapies [mh] OR 
complementary therapies [tw]  OR 
homeopathy [tw] OR 
dietary supplements [mh] OR 
dietary supplement* [tw] OR 
supplementation [tw] OR 
herbal drugs [tw] OR 
herbal medicine [mh] OR 
herbal medicine [tw] OR 
"plants, medicinal" [mh] OR 
medicinal plants [tw] OR 
phytotherapy [mh] OR 
phytotherapy [tw] OR  
phytomedicine [tw] OR 
pharmacognosy [mh] OR 
pharmacognosy [tw] OR 
ethnopharmacology [mh] OR 
ethnopharmacology [tw] OR  
megadosage [ti] OR 
megadose [ti] OR 
megadose therapy [ti] OR 
megadoses [ti] OR 
megadosing [ti] OR 
megadosis [ti] OR 
"large dosage" OR 
"large dose" OR 
"large dosed" OR 
"large doses" OR 
unorthodox [ti] OR 
unconventional [ti] OR 
high daily intake [tw]) 
(bovine colostrum [tw] OR
carnitine [majr] OR 
carnitine [tw] OR 
glucosamine sulfate [majr] OR 
glucosamine [mh] OR 
glucosamine [tw] OR 
chondroitin sulfates [majr] OR 
chondroitin [mh] OR 
chondroitin [tw] OR 
lipoic acid [tw] OR 
"medium chain" triglycerides OR 
phosphatidylserine [majr] OR 
phosphatidylserine [tw] OR 
dhea [tw] OR 
taurine  [majr] OR 
taurine [tw] OR 
gamma-oryzanol [tw] OR 
fatty acids [majr] OR 
fatty acids OR 
s-adenosylmethionine [majr] OR 
s-adenosylmethionine [tw] OR 
s adenosyl l methionine[tw] OR 
amino acids [ti] OR 
"amino acids/administration and dosage"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/adverse effects"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/pharmacokinetics"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/pharmacology"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/poisoning"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/radiation effects"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/standards"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/supply and distribution"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/therapeutic use"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/therapy"[majr] OR 
"amino acids/toxicity"[majr] OR 
lactobacillus acidophilus [mh] OR 
lactobacilla [tw] OR 
ajmaline [mh] OR 
ajmaline [tw] OR 
allantoin [mh] OR 
allantoin [tw] OR 
amygdalin [mh] OR 
amygdalin [tw] OR 
androstenedione OR 
andro [tw] OR 
anthocyanins [mh] OR 
anthocyanins [tw] OR 
anthocyanidin [tw] OR 
anthocyanidins [tw] OR  
antioxidants [majr] OR 
anthraquinones [mh] OR 
anthraquinones [tw] OR 
anthraquinone [tw] OR 
apigenin [mh] OR 
agigenin [tw] OR 
arachidonic acid [mh] OR 
arachidonic acid [tw] OR 
asarone [tw] OR 
beta-naphthoflavone [mh] OR 
benzoflavone OR 
beta carotene [mh] OR 
beta-carotene [tw] OR 
carotene [tw] OR 
carotenes [tw] OR 
carotenoids [mh] OR 
beta-hydroxyisovaleric acid [tw] OR 
beta hydroxy beta methylbutyrate [tw] OR 
bifidobacterium [mh] OR 
bifidobacterium [tw] OR 
biotin [mh] OR 
biotin [tw] OR 
saccharomyces cerevisiae [mh] OR 
saccharomyces cerevisia [tw] OR 
boron [mh] OR 
boron [tw] OR 
bromelain [tw] OR 
bromelains [tw] OR 
caffeic acid [tw] OR 
caffeine [mh] OR 
caffeine [tw] OR 
calcium [mh] OR 
calcium [tw] OR 
caproate [tw] OR 
catechin [mh] OR 
catechin[tw] OR 
epicatechin [tw] OR 
catechol [tw] OR 
chalcone [mh] OR 
chalcone [tw] OR 
estragole [nm] OR 
chavicol [tw] OR 
chitin [mh] OR 
chitin [tw] OR 
chitosan [mh] OR 
chitosan [tw] OR 
chlorogenic acid [mh] OR 
chlorogenic acid [tw] OR 
choline [mh] OR 
choline [tw] OR 
chromium [mh] OR 
chromium [tw] OR 
cinnamic acid [tw] OR 
cirsimaritin [tw] OR 
citric acid [mh] OR 
citric acid [tw] OR 
citrates [mh] OR 
citrate [tw] OR 
cobalt [mh] OR 
cobalt [tw] OR 
coenzyme q10 [tw] OR 
colloidal silver OR 
copper [mh] OR 
coumarin [tw] OR 
dehydroepiandrosterone [mh] OR 
dhea [tw] OR 
docosahexaenoic acid [tw] OR 
dha [tw] OR 
allyl sulfide [tw] OR 
diallyl sulfide [tw] OR 
ecdysterone [mh] OR 
ecdysterone [tw] OR 
eriodictyol [tw] OR 
eugenol [mh] OR 
eugenol [tw] OR 
fatty acids, omega-3 [mh] OR 
omega-3 [tw] OR 
omega-3 fatty acids [tw] OR 
omega 3 fatty acid [tw] OR 
ferulic acid [tw] OR 
fisetin [tw] OR 
fluorides [mh] OR 
fluoride [tw] OR 
folic acid [mh] OR 
folic acid [tw] OR 
gammalinolenic [tw] OR 
gentisic [tw] OR 
hesperidin [mh] OR 
hesperidin [tw] OR 
higenamine [tw] OR 
hydroxycitric acid [tw] OR 
hyperoside [tw] OR 
hyperin [tw] OR 
indole [tw] OR 
inositol [mh] OR 
inositol [tw] OR 
inulin [mh] OR 
inulin [tw] OR 
iodine [mh] OR 
iodine [tw] OR 
iron [mh] OR 
iron [tw] OR 
isoquercitrin [tw] OR 
isorhamnetin [tw] OR 
lespenefril [tw] OR 
kaempferitrin [tw] OR 
kaempferol [tw] OR  
kombucha [tw] OR 
larch arabinogalactan OR 
l-arginine [tw] OR 
lecithins [mh] OR 
lecithin [tw] OR 
phosphatidyl choline [tw] OR 
linalool [tw] OR 
linoleic acid [mh] OR 
linoleic acid [tw] OR 
linoleate [tw] OR 
lutein [mh] OR 
lutein [tw] OR 
luteolin [mh] OR 
luteolin [tw] OR 
lycopene [tw] OR 
magnesium [mh] OR 
magnesium [tw] OR 
malonic acid [tw] OR 
malonate [tw] OR 
manganese [mh] OR 
manganese [tw] OR 
micronutrient [tw] OR 
micronutrients [mh]OR 
minerals [mh] OR 
minerals [tw] OR 
molybdenum [mh] OR 
molybdenum [tw] OR 
morin [tw] OR 
dimethyl sulfone [nm] OR 
methylsulfonylmethane [tw] OR 
myricetin [nm] OR 
natural product* OR
niacin [mh] OR 
niacin [tw] OR 
nickel [mh] OR 
nickel [tw] OR 
nobiletin [tw] OR 
oleanolic acid [mh] OR 
oleanolic acid [tw] OR 
oxyayanin [tw] OR 
papain [mh] OR 
papain [tw] OR 
perilla alcohol [tw] OR 
perillyl alcohol [tw] OR 
phenethylisothiocyanate [tw] OR 
phosphorus [mh] OR 
phosphorus [tw] OR 
phosphorous [tw] OR 
phosphorous [tw] OR 
phytochemical [tw] OR 
phytochemicals [tw] OR 
phytomedicine OR 
phytonutrients [tw] OR 
phytonutrient [tw] OR 
phytosterols [mh] OR 
phytosterols [tw] OR 
phytosterol [tw] OR 
plantaginin [tw] OR 
potassium, dietary [mh] OR 
potassium [mh] OR 
potassium [tw] OR 
proanthocyanidin [tw] OR 
procyanidin [tw] OR 
propolis [mh] OR 
propolis OR 
pycnogenols [tw] OR 
pyridoxine [tw] OR 
pyruvic acid [mh] OR 
pyruvic acid [tw] OR 
pyruvate [tw] OR 
quercetin [mh] OR 
quercetin [tw] OR 
quercitrin [tw] OR 
retinyl acetate [tw] OR 
retinol acetate [tw] OR 
retinol palmitate [tw] OR 
retinyl palmitate [tw] OR 
retinoid [tw] OR 
retinoids [tw] OR 
retinoic [tw] OR 
retinal [tw] OR 
rhoifolin [tw] OR 
riboflavin [mh] OR 
riboflavin [tw] OR 
royal jelly [tw] OR 
rutin [mh] OR 
rutin [tw] OR 
selenium [mh] OR 
selenium [tw] OR 
sesamol [tw] OR 
sesamolin [tw] OR 
shark cartilage extract [nm] OR 
shark cartilage [tw] OR 
silicon [mh] OR 
silicon [tw] OR 
silymarin [mh] OR 
silymarin [tw] OR 
sinapinic acid [tw] OR 
sinapic acid [tw] OR 
sodium, dietary [mh] OR 
dietary sodium [tw] OR 
sodium [mh] OR 
stevioside [tw] OR 
sulforafan [tw] OR 
sulforaphane [tw] OR 
sulfur [mh] OR 
sulfur [tw] OR 
sulphur [tw] OR 
tangeretin [tw] OR 
tannins [mh] OR 
tannins [tw] OR 
tannic acid[tw] OR 
taxifolin [tw] OR 
theaflavin [tw] OR 
thearubigin [tw] OR 
thiamine [mh] OR 
thiamine [tw] OR 
thiamin [tw] OR 
tin [mh] OR 
tin [tw] OR 
vitamin e [mh] OR 
vitamin e [tw] OR 
tocopherol [tw] OR 
tocopherols [mh] OR 
tocopherols [tw] OR 
vanadium [mh] OR 
vanadium [tw] OR 
vanillic acid [mh] OR 
vanillic acid [tw] OR 
vegetables [mh] OR 
vitamins [mh] OR 
vitamins [tw] OR 
vitamin [tw] OR 
vitamin a [mh] OR 
vitamin a [tw] OR 
vitamin b 12 [mh] OR 
vitamin b 12 [tw] OR 
vitamin b12 [tw] OR 
vitamin b 6 [mh] OR 
vitamin b 6 [tw] OR 
vitamin b6 [tw] OR 
pyridoxine [mh] OR 
pyridoxine [tw] OR 
ascorbic acid [mh] OR 
ascorbic acid [tw] OR 
vitamin c [tw] OR 
vitamin d [mh] OR 
vitamin d [tw] OR 
ergocalciferols [mh] OR 
ergocalciferols [tw] OR  
vitamin e [mh] OR 
vitamin e [tw] OR 
vitamin k [mh] OR 
vitamin k [tw] OR 
provitamin*[tw] OR 
whey protein [tw] OR 
zinc [mh] OR zinc [tw] OR 
trace elements[mh] OR 
trace element*[tw] OR 
trace mineral*[tw] OR 
fragaria [mh] OR 
fragaria vesca [tw] OR 
strawberry [tw] OR 
saccharum [mh] OR 
saccharum officinarum [tw] OR 
sugarcane [tw] OR 
citrus [mh] OR 
tangerine [tw] OR 
lycopersicon esculentum [mh] OR 
lycopersicon esculentum [tw] OR 
tomato [tw] OR 
melatonin [mh] OR 
melatonin [tw] OR 
co-enzyme q10 OR 
ubiquinone OR 
ubiquinol[tw] OR 
(dietary fats AND unsaturated fatty acids) OR 
alfalfa [tw] OR 
prunus [mh] OR 
prunus [tw] OR 
apricot [tw] OR 
hordeum [mh] OR 
hordeum [tw] OR 
hordeum vulgare [tw] OR 
barley [tw] OR 
blueberry [tw] OR 
blueberry plant[mh] OR 
coconut [tw] OR 
cola [mh] OR 
cola [tw] OR 
citrullus [mh] OR 
citrullus [tw] OR 
phaseolus [mh] OR 
phaseolus [tw] OR 
phaseolus vulgaris [tw] OR 
common bean [tw] OR 
flax [mh] OR 
flax [tw] OR 
vitis vinifera [tw] OR 
grape [tw] OR 
guava [tw] OR 
humulus [mh] OR 
humulus lupulus [tw] OR 
hops [tw] OR 
juniperus [mh] OR 
juniper [tw] OR 
mango [tw] OR 
pinus [mh] OR 
olive oil[tw] OR 
carica [mh] OR 
carica papaya [tw] OR 
papaya [tw] OR 
plantain [tw] OR 
raspberry [tw] OR 
soybeans [mh] OR 
glycine max [tw] OR 
helianthus [mh] OR 
helianthus annuus [tw] OR 
sunflower [tw])) 
(selenium vitamin e select) OR 
prebiotics[ti] OR 
probiotics[ti] OR 
prebiotic[ti] OR 
probiotic[ti] OR 
ayurveda OR 
medicine, ayurvedic OR 
ayurvedic OR 
ayur veda OR 
ayur vedic OR 
siddha [tw] OR 
guggal [tw] OR 
guggul [tw] OR 
bach e [ps] OR 
flower remedies OR 
(bach [tw] AND flower) OR 
horticultural therapy [tw] OR 
native american traditional medicine OR 
korean traditional medicine OR 
chinese traditional medicine OR 
chinese medicine [tiab] OR 
oriental traditional medicine OR 
east asian traditional medicine OR 
kampo medicine OR 
tibetan traditional medicine OR 
medicine, traditional OR 
traditional medicine [tw] OR 
primitive medicine [tw] OR 
folk medicine [tw] OR 
folklore OR 
folk [tw] OR 
green coffee extract OR
traditional indigenous OR 
home remedies [tw] OR 
home remedy [tw] OR 
traditional healer* OR 
unani OR 
traditional african medicine OR 
curanderismo OR 
tibetan medicine OR 
kampo OR 
((aboriginal OR aborigines) AND (medicinal OR medicine)) OR 
arabic medicine [tw] 
OR la'au OR 
materia medica OR 
naturopathy OR 
naturopath* [tw] OR 
kneipp [tw] OR 
kneipp s [ps] OR 
((bowen [tw] AND family) AND (therapy [tw] OR systems OR technique)) OR 
bowenian phytotherapy OR 
chinese herb* OR 
herbal drugs [tw] OR 
herbal medicine OR 
medicinal plants OR 
plant preparations/therapeutic use* OR
chinese herb nephropathy OR 
plant extracts estrogen-like OR 
plant extracts/therapeutic use OR 
plant extracts/pharmacology OR
(plant extracts/pharmacology AND humans [mh]) OR 
botanical [tw] OR botanicals [tw] OR 
herbal OR 
herbals OR 
herbalism OR 
phytoestrogen OR 
phytoestrogens OR 
pharmacognosy OR 
(therapeutic use OR antiinflammatory OR oral administration AND ellagic acid) OR 
(allicin AND sulfinic acids/tu [majr]) OR 
glyconutrient* OR 
(honey [mh] AND therapy) OR 
(extract OR extracts AND grape seed [tw]) OR 
(human growth hormone AND aging [majr]) OR 
5-hydroxytryptophan/tu [majr:noexp] OR 
acai[tw] OR 
ba wei di huang wan OR 
berberine OR 
cetyl myristoleate OR 
"citrus pectin" OR 
(green AND tea [mh] OR green tea [ti]) OR 
rhodiola OR 
heliotrope [tw] OR 
myrrh OR 
stanol therapy OR 
tumeric OR 
turmeric OR 
curcumin OR 
mahonia aquifolium OR 
(oleum AND menthae AND piperitae) OR 
ma huang OR 
(mushroom* AND (medicinal OR therapy OR antifungal OR antineoplastic)) OR 
purple sweet potato anthocyanin OR 
padma [tw] OR 
hoxsey [tw] OR 
essiac [tw] OR 
(pau OR palo AND arco) OR 
(avellanedae OR impetiginosa AND tabebuia) OR 
pc-spes OR 
(treatment OR therapy AND pumpkin seed*) OR 
pygeum OR 
(diet OR dietary AND rice bran [tw]) OR 
red yeast rice OR 
sam-e OR 
tinospora OR 
phyllanthus OR 
nutriceutical* OR 
nutraceutical* OR 
(proteolytic enzymes [tw] AND (diet therapy OR oral administration) AND cancer) OR 
((omega-3 OR fish oil OR (n3 OR n-3 AND (oil OR oils OR puFa OR fatty acid OR fatty acids))) AND 
(diet OR dietary OR supplement* [tw])) OR 
high fiber [tw] OR 
high fibre [tw] OR
"dietary carbohydrates/therapeutic use" OR
"dietary fiber/administration and dosage" OR 
(fruit [tw] OR fruits OR plant [tw] OR plants AND juice AND (prevention OR therapy)) OR  
wssf OR 
water-soluble soybean fiber OR 
phytosterols OR 
phytosterol [tw] OR 
((soy OR soybeans OR soybean [tw] OR soybean proteins) AND (prevention OR therapy)) OR 
isoflavones OR 
isoflavone [tw] OR 
ipriflavone OR 
genistein OR 
(anti-oxidant OR anti-oxidants OR antioxidant OR antioxidants [tw] OR 
consumption OR treatment OR therapy OR prevention OR therapeutic  AND 
(flavonoid [tw] OR flavonoids OR bioflavinoid OR bioflavonoid OR bioflavinoids OR bioflavonoids)) OR 
(antioxidants AND blueberr*) OR 
(health food OR functional food OR functional foods AND therapy) OR 
(functional food [tw] AND antioxidants) OR 
antineoplastons OR 
(creatine AND huntington disease AND (therapy OR therapeutic)) OR 
(shark [tw] AND cartilage) OR 
(powdered AND cartilage AND wound) OR 
dibella [tw] OR 
(thymus extract OR pancreatic extract AND therapeutic use) OR 
apitherap* OR 
(diseases category [mh] AND omega-3 fatty acids) OR 
energy drink*[tw] OR 
sport drink*[tw] OR 
sports drink*[tw] OR 
ergogenic[tw] OR 
coenzyme q10[ti] OR 
coenzyme q[ti] OR 
coq10[ti] OR 
((melatonin/tu[majr] OR melatonin/pharmacology[majr] OR dehydroepiandrosterone/tu[majr]) AND 
(treatment[tw] OR treatments[tw] OR therapy[tw] OR administration[tw] OR 
therapeutic[tw] OR effect[ti] OR effects[ti])) OR 
alpha-lipoic acid OR 
resveratrol [nm] OR
aconitum [mh] OR 
yucca filamentosa[tw] OR 
medicago sativa [mh] OR 
medicago sativa [tw] OR 
aloe [mh] OR 
aloe [tw] OR 
sambucus nigra [mh] OR 
sambucus nigra [tw] OR 
sambucus canadensis [tw] OR 
andrographis [mh] OR 
andrographis [tw] OR 
angelica [mh] OR 
angelica [tw] OR 
angelica archangelica [mh] OR 
angelica archangelica [tw] OR 
pimpinella [mh] OR 
pimpinella [tw] OR 
anise [tw] OR 
arjuna [tw] OR 
arnica [mh] OR 
arnica [tw] OR 
cynara scolymus [mh] OR 
cynara scolymus [tw] OR 
artichoke [tw] OR 
ganoderma applanatum [tw] OR 
withania [mh] OR 
withania [tw] OR 
ashwagandha [tw] OR 
quercus infectoria [tw] OR 
aloe vera gel OR
astragalus membranaceus [mh] OR 
astragalus membranaceus[tw] OR 
astragalus [tw] OR 
colchicum [mh] OR 
colchicum [tw] OR 
colchicum autumnale [tw] OR 
autumn crocus [tw] OR 
laurus [mh] OR 
laurus [tw] OR 
laurus nobilis [tw] OR 
bay leaf [tw] OR 
bay laurel [tw] OR 
atropa belladonna [mh] OR 
atropa belladonna [tw] OR 
belladonna [tw] OR 
vaccinium myrtillus [mh] OR 
vaccinium myrtillus [tw] OR 
bilberry [tw] OR 
momordica charantia [mh] OR 
momordica charantia [tw] OR 
bitter melon [tw] OR 
bitter orange [tw] OR 
black cherry [tw] OR 
cimicifuga [mh] OR 
cimicifuga [tw] OR 
actaea racemosa [tw] OR 
black cohosh [tw] OR 
ribes [mh] OR 
ribes nigrum [tw] OR 
black currant [tw] OR 
juglans [mh] OR 
juglans nigra [tw] OR 
black walnut [tw] OR 
rubus fruticosus [tw] OR 
blackberry [tw] OR 
fucus [mh] OR 
fucus vesiculosus [tw] OR 
bladderwrack [tw] OR 
caulophyllum [mh] OR 
caulophyllum [tw] OR 
caulophyllum thalictroides [tw] OR 
blue cohosh [tw] OR 
vaccinium [mh] OR 
vaccinium [tw] OR 
vaccinium corymbosum [tw] OR 
menyanthes trifoliata [tw] OR 
peumus [mh] OR peumus [tw] OR 
peumus boldus [tw] OR 
borago [mh] OR 
borago [tw] OR 
borago officinalis [tw] OR 
borage [tw] OR 
agathosma betulina [tw] OR 
buchu [tw] OR 
lycopus [mh] OR 
lycopus [tw] OR 
lycopus virginicus [tw] OR 
bugleweed [tw] OR 
arctium [mh] OR 
arctium [tw] OR 
arctium lappa [tw] OR 
burdock [tw] OR 
arctium minus [tw] OR 
ruscus [mh] OR 
ruscus [tw] OR 
ruscus aculeatus [tw] OR 
butcher's broom [tw] OR 
melaleuca [mh] OR 
melaleuca [tw] OR 
cajuput [tw] OR 
melaleuca leucadendra [tw] OR 
acorus [mh] OR 
acorus [tw] OR 
acorus calamus [tw] OR 
calendula [mh] OR 
calendula [tw] OR 
calendula officinalis [tw] OR 
carambola [tw] OR 
averrhoa carambola [tw] OR 
carum [mh] OR 
carum [tw] OR 
carum carvi [tw] OR 
caraway [tw] OR 
frangula [mh] OR 
frangula [tw] OR 
frangula purshiana [tw] OR 
cascara [mh] OR 
cascara [tw] OR 
cascara sagrada [tw] OR 
manihot [mh] OR 
manihot [tw] OR 
manihot esculenta [tw] OR 
cassava [mh] OR 
castor bean [mh] OR 
castor bean [tw] OR 
ricinus communis [tw] OR 
nepeta [mh] OR 
nepeta [tw] OR 
nepeta cataria [tw] OR 
catnip [tw] OR 
cat's claw [mh] OR 
cat's claw [tw] OR 
uncaria tomentosa [tw] OR 
capsicum [mh] OR 
capsicum [tw] OR 
capsicum annuum [tw] OR 
cayenne OR 
apium graveolens [mh] OR 
apium graveolens [tw] OR 
celeriac [tw] OR 
centaurea [mh] OR 
centaurea [tw] OR 
centaury [tw] OR 
plumbago zeylanica [tw] OR 
matricaria [mh] OR 
matricaria [tw] OR 
matricaria recutita [tw] OR 
chamomile [mh] OR 
chamomile [tw] OR 
larrea tridentata [tw] OR 
chaparral [tw] OR 
vitex [mh] OR 
vitex agnus castus[tw] OR 
chasteberry [tw] OR 
stellaria [mh] OR 
stellaria [tw] OR 
stellaria media [mh] OR 
stellaria media [tw] OR 
chickweed OR 
chicory [mh] OR 
chicory [tw] OR 
cichorium intybus [tw] OR 
cinchonine [tw] OR 
rheum officinale [tw] OR 
chinese rhubarb [tw] OR 
salvia miltiorrhiza [mh] OR 
salvia miltiorrhiza [tw] OR 
chinese salvia [tw] OR 
scutellaria baicalensis [mh] OR 
scutellaria baicalensis [tw] OR 
ailanthus [mh] OR 
ailanthus [tw] OR 
ailanthus altissima [tw] OR 
tree of heaven [tw] OR 
dioscorea [mh] OR 
dioscorea [tw] OR 
chinese yam [tw] OR 
swertia [mh] OR 
swertia [tw] OR 
swertia chirayita [tw] OR 
chirata [tw] OR 
christmas rose [tw] OR 
helleborus [mh] OR 
chrysanthemum [mh] OR 
chrysanthemum [tw] OR 
cinnamomum zeylanicum [mh] OR 
cinnamomum zeylanicum [tw] OR 
cinnamomum verum [tw] OR 
cinnamon [tw] OR 
potentilla [mh] OR 
potentilla erecta [tw] OR 
galium [mh] OR 
galium aparine [tw] OR 
cleavers [tw] OR 
eugenia [mh] OR 
syzygium aromaticum [tw] OR 
clove [tw] OR 
cocos [mh] OR 
cocos nucifera [tw] OR 
cola acuminata [tw] OR 
cola nitida [tw] OR 
citrullus colocynthis [tw] OR 
colocynth [tw] OR 
tussilago [mh] OR 
tussilago [tw] OR 
tussilago farfara [tw] OR 
coltsfoot [tw] OR 
symphytum officinale [mh] OR 
symphytum officinale [tw] OR 
comfrey [mh] OR 
comfrey [tw] OR 
coriandrum [mh] OR 
coriandrum [tw] OR 
coriandrum sativum [tw] OR 
coriander [tw] OR 
primula [mh] OR 
primula veris [tw] OR 
cowslip [tw] OR 
vaccinium macrocarpon [mh] OR 
vaccinium macrocarpon [tw] OR 
cranberry [tw] OR 
cynanchum [mh] OR 
cynanchum atratum [tw] OR 
turnera [mh] OR 
turnera diffusa [tw] OR 
damiana [tw] OR 
taraxacum [mh] OR 
taraxacum officinale [tw] OR 
dandelion [tw] OR 
phoenix dactylifera [tw] OR 
date palm [tw] OR 
harpagophytum [mh] OR 
harpagophytum procumbens [tw] OR 
devils claw [tw] OR 
digitalis [mh] OR 
digitalis purpurea [tw] OR 
foxglove [tw] OR 
anethum graveolens [mh] OR 
dill [tw] OR 
alstonia [mh] OR 
alstonia scholaris [tw] OR 
angelica sinensis [mh] OR 
angelica sinensis [tw] OR 
dong quai [tw] OR 
duboisia [mh] OR 
duboisia [tw] OR 
echinacea [mh] OR 
echinacea angustifolia [tw] OR 
echinacea pallida [tw] OR 
echinacea purpurea [tw] OR 
inula [mh] OR 
inula [tw] OR 
inula helenium [tw] OR 
elecampane [tw] OR 
eleutherococcus [mh] OR 
eleutherococcus senticosus [tw] OR 
eleuthero [tw] OR 
lavandula [mh] OR 
lavandula angustifolia [tw] OR 
plantago [mh] OR 
plantago lanceolata [tw] OR 
english plantain [tw] OR 
juglans [mh] OR 
juglans regia [tw] OR 
english walnut [tw] OR 
ephedra sinica [mh] OR 
ephedra sinica [tw] OR 
ephedra [tw] OR 
epimedium sagittatum [tw] OR 
epimedium [mh] OR 
eucalyptus [mh] OR 
eucalyptus globulus [tw] OR 
fraxinus [mh] OR 
fraxinus excelsior [tw] OR 
european ash [tw] OR 
sambucus nigra [mh] OR 
sambucus nigra [tw] OR 
european elder [tw] OR 
solidago [mh] OR 
solidago virgaurea [tw] OR 
viscum album [mh] OR 
viscum album [tw] OR 
european mistletoe [tw] OR 
mentha pulegium [mh] OR 
mentha pulegium [tw] OR  
oenothera biennis [mh] OR 
oenothera biennis [tw] OR 
evening primrose [tw] OR 
foeniculum [mh] OR 
foeniculum vulgare [tw] OR 
fennel [tw] OR 
trigonella [mh] OR 
trigonella foenum graecum [tw] OR 
fenugreek [tw] OR 
tanacetum parthenium [mh] OR 
tanacetum parthenium [tw] OR 
feverfew [tw] OR 
linum usitatissimum [tw] OR 
coleus [mh] OR 
plectranthus barbatus [tw] OR 
forskohlii [tw] OR 
polygonum [mh] OR 
polygonum multiflorum [tw] OR 
fo-ti [tw] OR 
frangula [mh] OR 
frangula alnus [tw] OR fumaria [mh] OR 
fumaria officinalis [tw] OR 
fumitory [tw] OR 
garcinia cambogia [mh] OR 
garcinia cambogia [tw] OR 
garcinia [mh] OR 
garlic [mh] OR 
garlic [tw] OR 
allium sativum [tw] OR 
gentiana [mh] OR 
gentiana lutea [tw] OR 
gentian [tw] OR 
teucrium [mh] OR 
teucrium chamaedrys [tw] OR 
germander [tw] OR 
ginger [mh] OR 
ginger [tw] OR zingiber officinale [tw] OR 
ginkgo biloba[mh] OR 
ginkgo biloba [tw] OR 
ginkgo [tw] OR 
gingko[tw]  OR
ginkgolides OR 
panax [mh] OR 
panax ginseng [tw] OR 
salix [mh] OR 
salix caprea [tw] OR 
goat willow [tw] OR 
lycium [mh] OR 
lycium barbarum [tw] OR 
goji [tw] OR 
hydrastis [mh] OR 
hydrastis canadensis [tw] OR 
goldenseal [tw] OR centella [mh] OR 
centella asiatica [tw] OR 
gotu kola [tw] OR 
vitis [mh] OR 
citrus paradisi [mh] OR 
citrus x paradisi [tw] OR 
grapefruit seed extract [tw] OR 
acorus [mh] OR 
acorus gramineus [tw] OR 
cyamopsis [mh] OR 
cyamopsis tetragonoloba [tw] OR 
guar [tw] OR 
paullinia [mh] OR 
paullinia cupana [tw] OR 
guarana [tw] OR 
psidium [mh] OR 
psidium guajava [tw] OR 
commiphora [mh] OR 
commiphora mukul [tw] OR 
guggul extract [nm] OR 
guggul [tw] OR 
gymnema sylvestre [mh] OR gymnema sylvestre [tw] OR 
crataegus [mh] OR 
crataegus monogyna [tw] OR 
hawthorn [tw] OR 
prunella [mh] OR 
prunella vulgaris [tw] OR 
hyoscyamus [mh] OR hyoscyamus niger [tw] OR 
henbane [tw] OR 
hibiscus [mh] OR 
hibiscus sabdariffa [tw] OR 
ocimum [mh] OR 
ocimum tenuiflorum [tw] OR 
ocimum basilicum [mh] OR hoodia gordonii [tw] OR 
hoodia [tw] OR 
epimedium [mh] OR 
epimedium grandiflorum [tw] OR 
aesculus [mh] OR 
aesculus hippocastanum [tw] OR 
horse chestnut [tw] OR armoracia [mh] OR 
armoracia rusticana [tw] OR 
horseradish [tw] OR 
moringa oleifera [mh] OR 
moringa oleifera [tw] OR 
houttuynia [mh] OR 
houttuynia cordata [tw] OR 
hyssopus officinalis [tw] OR 
hyssop [tw] OR 
cetraria islandica [tw] OR 
iceland moss [tw] OR 
poaceae [mh] OR 
imperata cylindrica [tw] OR 
acalypha indica [tw] OR 
erythrina [mh] OR 
erythrina variegata [tw] OR 
indian coral tree [tw] OR 
boswellia [mh] OR 
boswellia serrata [tw] OR 
apocynum [mh] OR 
apocynum cannabinum [tw] OR 
cephaelis [mh] OR 
cephaelis ipecacuanha [tw] OR 
ipecac [mh] OR 
ipecac [tw] OR 
eugenia [mh] OR 
syzygium cumini [tw] OR 
jambolan [tw] OR 
orthosiphon [mh] OR 
orthosiphon aristatus [tw] OR 
java tea [tw] OR 
juniperus communis [tw] OR 
derris [mh] OR 
derris indica [tw] OR 
kava [mh] OR 
kava [tw] OR 
piper methysticum [tw] OR 
catha [mh] OR 
catha edulis [tw] OR 
khat [tw] OR 
pueraria [mh] OR 
pueraria montana [tw] OR 
kudzu [tw] OR 
melissa [mh] OR 
melissa officinalis OR 
lemon balm [tw] OR  
vinca [mh] OR 
vinca minor [tw] OR 
catharanthus [mh] OR 
lesser periwinkle OR  
glycyrrhiza [mh] OR 
glycyrrhiza glabra [tw] OR 
liquorice [tw] OR 
licorice [tw] OR 
convallaria [mh] OR 
convallaria majalis [tw] OR 
lily of the valley [tw] OR 
tilia [mh] OR 
linden [tw] OR 
vaccinium vitis-idaea [mh] OR 
vaccinium vitis idaea [tw] OR 
lingonberry [tw] OR 
lobelia [mh] OR 
lobelia inflata [tw] OR 
piper [mh] OR 
piper longum [tw] OR 
long pepper [tw] OR 
levisticum [mh] OR 
levisticum officinale [tw] OR 
lovage [tw] OR lycium [mh] OR 
lycium chinense [tw] OR 
lepidium [mh] OR 
lepidium meyenii [tw] OR 
maca [tw] OR grifola [mh] OR 
grifola frondosa [tw] OR 
maitake [tw] OR 
dryopteris [mh] OR 
dryopteris filix mas [tw] OR 
male fern [tw] OR 
aristolochia [mh] OR 
mangifera [mh] OR 
mangifera indica [tw] OR 
garcinia mangostana [mh] OR 
garcinia mangostana [tw] OR 
mangosteen [tw] OR 
fraxinus [mh] OR 
fraxinus ornus [tw] OR 
pinus pinaster [tw] OR 
maritime pine [tw] OR 
althaea [mh] OR 
althaea officinalis [tw] OR 
marshmallow [tw] OR 
pistacia [mh] OR 
pistacia lentiscus [tw] OR 
mastic [tw] OR 
ilex paraguariensis [mh] OR 
ilex paraguariensis [tw] OR 
podophyllum peltatum [mh] OR 
podophyllum peltatum [tw] OR 
mayapple [tw] OR 
melilotus [mh] OR 
milk thistle [mh] OR 
milk thistle [tw] OR 
silybum marianum [tw] OR 
yucca [mh] OR 
yucca schidigera [tw] OR 
calotropis [mh] OR 
calotropis procera [tw] OR 
mudar [tw] OR 
artemisia [mh] OR 
artemisia vulgaris [tw] OR 
mugwort [tw] OR 
verbascum [mh] OR 
verbascum phlomoides [tw] OR 
mullein [tw] OR 
verbascum thapsus [tw] OR 
erythrina [mh] OR 
erythrina mulungu [tw] OR 
mulungu [tw] OR 
vigna radiata [tw] OR 
mung bean [tw] OR 
commiphora [mh] OR 
commiphora molmol [tw] OR 
azadirachta [mh] OR 
azadirachta indica [tw] OR 
neem [tw] OR 
nigella sativa [mh] OR 
nigella sativa [tw] OR 
nigella [mh] OR 
morinda [mh] OR 
morinda citrifolia [tw] OR 
noni [tw] OR 
myristica fragrans [mh] OR 
myristica fragrans[tw] OR 
nutmeg [tw] OR 
nerium [mh] OR 
oleander [tw] OR 
olea [mh] OR 
Olea europaea [tw] OR 
papaver [mh] OR 
papaver somniferum [tw] OR 
citrus sinensis [mh] OR 
citrus sinensis [tw] OR 
origanum [mh] OR 
Origanum vulgare [tw] OR 
oregano [tw] OR 
petroselinum [mh] OR 
petroselinum crispum [tw] OR 
parsley [tw] OR 
passiflora [mh] OR 
passiflora incarnata [tw] OR 
passionflower [tw] OR 
pogostemon cablin [tw] OR 
patchouli [tw] OR 
tabebuia [mh] OR 
tabebuia impetiginosa [tw] OR 
pau d'arco [tw] OR 
mentha piperita [mh] OR 
mentha x piperita [tw] OR 
peppermint [tw] OR 
chamaesyce hirta [tw] OR 
pinellia [mh] OR 
pinellia ternata [tw] OR 
plantago [mh] OR 
plantago arenaria [tw] OR 
phytolacca americana [mh] OR 
phytolacca americana [tw] OR 
poke [tw] OR 
punicaceae [mh] OR 
punica granatum [tw] OR 
pomegranate [tw] OR 
poria [mh] OR 
wolfiporia cocos [tw] OR 
abrus [mh] OR 
abrus precatorius [tw] OR 
opuntia [mh] OR 
opuntia ficus-indica [tw] OR 
prickly pear [tw] OR 
psacalium decompositum [tw] OR 
psyllium [mh] OR 
psyllium [tw] OR jatropha [mh] OR 
jatropha curcas [tw] OR 
purging nut [tw] OR 
petasites [mh] OR 
petasites hybridus [tw] OR 
lythrum [mh] OR 
lythrum salicaria [tw] OR 
purple loosestrife [tw] OR 
pygeum [mh] OR 
prunus africana [tw] OR 
raphanus [mh] OR 
raphanus sativus [tw] OR 
radish [tw] OR 
rubus idaeus [tw] OR 
rauwolfia [mh] OR 
rauwolfia serpentina [tw] OR 
cinchona [mh] OR 
cinchona pubescens [tw] OR 
red cinchona [tw] OR 
trifolium [mh] OR 
trifolium pratense [tw] OR 
red clover [tw] OR 
urginea [mh] OR 
urginea maritima [tw] OR 
red squill [tw] OR 
monascus [mh] OR 
monascus purpureus [tw] OR 
reishi [mh] OR 
ganoderma lucidum [tw] OR 
ganoderma [mh] OR 
ganoderma tsugae [tw] OR restharrow [tw] OR 
aspalathus [mh] OR 
aspalathus linearis [tw] OR 
rooibos [tw] OR 
rosa canina [tw] OR 
rosmarinus [mh] OR 
rosmarinus officinalis [tw] OR 
rosemary [tw] OR 
vitex rotundifolia [tw] OR 
ruta [mh] OR 
ruta graveolens [tw] OR 
salvia officinalis [mh] OR 
salvia officinalis [tw] OR 
sage [tw] OR 
salacia [mh] OR 
salacia oblonga [tw] OR 
salacia reticulata [tw] OR 
sassafras [mh] OR 
sassafras albidum [tw] OR 
serenoa [mh] OR 
serenoa repens [tw] OR 
saw palmetto [tw] OR 
schisandra [mh] OR 
schisandra chinensis [tw] OR 
pinus sylvestris [mh] OR 
pinus sylvestris [tw] OR 
scotch pine [tw] OR 
hippophae [mh] OR 
hippophae rhamnoides [tw] OR 
polygala [mh] OR 
polygala senega [tw] OR 
senna plant [mh] OR 
senna alexandrina [tw] OR 
shiitake mushrooms [mh] OR 
lentinula edodes[tw] OR 
lobelia [mh] OR 
lobelia laxiflora [tw] OR 
scutellaria [mh] OR 
scutellaria lateriflora [tw] OR 
skullcap [tw] OR 
ulmus [mh] OR 
ulmus rubra [tw] OR 
slippery elm [tw] OR 
bidens [mh] OR 
bidens pilosa [tw] OR 
costus [mh] OR 
costus spicatus [tw] OR 
arthrospira maxima [tw] OR 
spirulina [mh] OR 
spirulina [tw] OR adonis [mh] OR 
adonis vernalis [tw] OR 
spring adonis [tw] OR 
hypericum [mh] OR 
hypericum perforatum OR 
st. john's wort [tw] OR 
stephania tetrandra [mh] OR 
stephania tetrandra [tw] OR 
stevia [mh] OR stevia [tw] OR 
stevia rebaudiana [tw] OR 
urtica dioica [mh] OR 
urtica dioica [tw] OR 
stinging nettle [tw] OR 
ocimum basilicum [mh] OR 
ocimum basilicum [tw] OR 
sweet basil [tw] OR 
liquidambar [mh] OR 
liquidambar styraciflua [tw] OR 
sweet gum [tw] OR 
origanum [mh] OR 
origanum majorana [tw] OR 
sweet marjoram [tw] OR 
artemesia annua [tw] OR 
sweet wormwood [tw] OR 
peganum [mh] OR 
peganum harmala [tw] OR 
citrus reticulata [tw] OR 
camellia sinensis [mh] OR 
camellia sinensis [tw] OR 
tea [mh] OR 
melaleuca [mh] OR 
melaleuca alternifolia [tw] OR 
tea tree [tw] OR 
thuja [mh] OR 
thuja occidentalis [tw] OR 
thuja [mh] OR 
thuja [tw] OR 
thymus plant [mh] OR 
thymus vulgaris [tw] OR 
thyme [tw] OR 
tribulus [mh] OR 
tribulus terrestris [tw] OR 
tripterygium [mh] OR 
tripterygium wilfordii [tw] OR 
curcuma [mh] OR 
curcuma longa [tw] OR 
turmeric [tw] OR 
arctostaphylos [mh] OR 
arctostaphylos uva ursi [tw] OR 
uva ursi [tw] OR 
valerian [mh] OR 
valerian [tw] OR 
valeriana officinalis [tw] OR 
alisma [mh] OR 
alisma plantago-aquatica [tw] OR 
sinapis [mh] OR 
sinapis alba [tw] OR 
mustard plant [mh] OR 
white mustard [tw] OR 
salix [mh] OR 
salix alba [tw] OR 
white willow [tw] OR 
dioscorea [mh] OR 
dioscorea villosa [tw] OR 
wild yam [tw] OR 
hamamelis [mh] OR 
hamamelis virginiana [tw] OR 
witch hazel [tw] OR 
artemisia absinthium [mh] OR 
artemisia absinthium [tw] OR 
wormwood [tw] OR 
achillea [mh] OR 
achillea millefolium [tw] OR 
yarrow [tw] OR 
rumex [mh] OR 
rumex crispus [tw] OR 
yellow dock [tw] OR 
melilotus [mh] OR 
melilotus officinalis [tw] OR 
yellow sweet clover [tw] OR 
artemisia capillaris [tw] OR 
pausinystalia [mh] OR 
pausinystalia yohimbe [tw] OR 
yohimbine [mh] OR yohimbe [tw] 
(((iodine [mh] OR vitamin d [mh] OR folate [mh] OR vitamin b12 [mh] OR omega-3 fatty acids) AND (dietary OR supplementation [ti]))
OR (dietary supplements [mh]) AND (disease models, animal [mh] OR humans [mh] OR clinical trial [pt]) NOT diet/veterinary [mh])
(soil pollutants[mh] OR 
soil[ti] OR pesticides[mh] OR 
animal diseases[mh] OR 
insect* [tw] OR 
entomolog* [tw] OR 
animal feed [mh] OR 
animal husbandry[mh] OR cattle [mh] OR
Fitoterapia [ta] OR
Journal of Ethnopharmacology [ta] OR
Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy [ta] OR
Nat Prod Commun [ta] OR
Phytomedicine [ta] OR
Phytotherapy Research [ta] OR
Planta Medica [ta] OR
Journal of Dietary Supplements [ta] OR
Magnes Trace Elem[ta] OR 
Int J Vitam Nutr Res[ta] OR
(dietary supplements  NOT (animals [mh] NOT humans [mh]))

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