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Archival Practice and Theory

We offer a selection of guides, finding aids, microfilm catalogs, and special archival publications useful to anyone, especially scholars, archivists, historians, and researchers, interested in archival theory.

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Making Archives Accessible for People with Disabilities

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"An archives should be prepared to meet and deal with a variety of disabilities that may involve restricted abilities for walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, perceiving or understand ing, or physical coordination. This publication gives information on how to make archives accessible for people with disabilities

Management of Archives


"In this book, Dr. Schellenberg successfully undertakes to define the archival methodology that hertofore has been available only in isolated books and journals... An indispensible manual, which anticipates and answers most questions that arise in the handline of nonpublic records." --The American Archivist 1988.

Modern Archives Reader: Basic Readings on Archival Theory and Practice


A Modern Archives Reader brings together, in a single volume, classic essays of archival literature that outline and define the basic theories of archives administration and recent articles that reexamine basic concepts and demonstrate the practical application of archival principles. 1984.

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