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Points of Contact

Ensuring accessibility and 508 compliance is everyone's job. See the table below to find out who can help you do your part. 

OPDIVC&R Sr. ManagerWeb Crawler Issue Manager508 Official 508 Coordinator
ACFRisha HolmesRisha HolmesJeanne Dionne

Janean Chambers

Jeanne Dionne

AHRQMark HandelmanBiff LeVeeBoyce Ginieczki

Gerri Michael-Dyer

Biff LeVee

ACLSue BanningSue BanningJohn WrenSue Banning
CDCCarol Y. CrawfordDianna Knight

Judy Kenny

Howard M. Smith [Deputy]

Mark Urban

Howard Smith

CMSJon BoothClaudia PakTony TrenkleAaron Allen
FDAJoshua LehmanJoshua LehmanEric PerakslisJoshua Lehman
HRSAGuy HadsallFrances NguyenCathy Flickinger

Julia Sothoron

Lauren Taylor

IHS Michael McSherryMichael McSherry

Raho Ortiz

Bill Tibbitts

Raho Ortiz

Nina Argent

NIH Scott Prince 

Stacy Charland

IC 508 Coordinators


Mark Podoff

Tina Fuchs

OSPrudence GoforthTishia HumesMaria Prince DetherageJaime Robinson
SAMHSADawn ColbertDawn ColbertElaine Parry

Rich Morey

Dawn Colbert


508 roles and responsibilities

Section 508 Coordinator

Section 508 coordinators are directly responsible for ensuring activities related to Section 508: they disseminate information and technical assistance, coordinate training and information sessions, review accommodation/exception requests, and they participate on the Section 508 Program Team to help ensure coordination of effort across the Department. In many OPDIVs, they approve applications and systems as Section 508 compliant, and clear systems as the Section 508 Critical Partner for the EPLC. When you’re not sure who to contact about a 508 issue, the 508 Coordinator is the usual starting point. They can forward material upward to Section 508 officials as needed, and they can disseminate information downward to their 508 staff.

Section 508 Official

Section 508 Officials are senior executives from each Operating Division charged with making decisions regarding Section 508 for the Agency Head. They submit implementation plans, set policy, respond to HHS and Department of Justice inquiries regarding Section 508 activities, and they ensure staff attend appropriate training necessary to ensure compliance. Generally, 508 Officials should be contacted through the Section 508 Coordinator.

Web Crawler Issue Manager

Web Crawler Issue Managers are directly responsible for maintaining Section 508 Web compliance and for conducting Web site remediation. If you’re having trouble with the accessibility of a specific Web site, these individuals are an appropriate starting point for assistance. They can forward materials upward to the C&R Senior Manager as needed, and they can disseminate information downward to their Web staff.

Compliance and Remediation (C&R) Senior Manager

C&R Mangers are senior-level officials responsible for the accessibility of the OPDIVs’ public-facing websites. Generally, C&R Managers should be contacted through the Web Crawler Issue Manager.