How FYSB's Family Violence Prevention and Services Program Works for Tribes


The Family Violence Prevention and Services Program funds State agencies, Territories, and Indian Tribes to provide shelter to victims of family violence and their dependents and for related services, such as emergency transportation and child care. Grantees use FYSB resources to expand current service programs and to open new centers in rural and underserved areas, on Indian reservations, and in Alaska Native villages. Technical assistance on the prevention of family violence toward Native women is provided through Sacred Circle, a resource center that is part of the Domestic Violence Resource Center Network.


Ten percent of Family Violence Program appropriations are set aside for grants to Indian Tribes, Tribal organizations, and nonprofit organizations approved by the Indian Tribe. Grantees can either operate family violence shelters on reservations or develop projects designed to prevent family violence and provide immediate shelter and related assistance for victims of family violence and their dependents.

Grants are awarded to all federally recognized Tribes that apply and meet the criteria. Grant amounts are determined on a formula basis. Tribes and tribal entities that meet application requirements are granted minimum base amounts determined by population.

After the distribution of base amounts, the remaining funds are allocated in proportional amounts based on the ratio of the Tribe's population to the total population of all Tribes that have applied.

Tribes are also encouraged to apply as consortia.

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