Dance Instruction Manuals


The following people have contributed much time and creative energy to the preparation of this on-line collection:

Music Division - The idea for this website was conceived by Vicky Risner, Head of Acquisitions and Processing, who provided guidance on content and administrative issues throughout the project.

NDL/Music Team - Morgan Cundiff, team leader, coordinated the overall production and designed the structure for the site. Susan Manus selected items for the collection, coordinated the quality review process for text, images and video, and performed other administrative tasks. David Arbury helped with image and text review, and Jeni Dahmus provided assistance with the database and book summaries. Liza Vick provided assistance with the creation of web site navigation files.

Music Division Instrument Collection (Robert Sheldon, curator) - The violin used for the accompaniment in many of the video clips is "The Kreisler" by Giuseppe Guarneri (del Gesu), 1733.

Special consultant - Elizabeth Aldrich, noted dance historian and choreographer, served as consultant throughout the project, providing guidance on content issues. She also wrote the extensive narrative and individual book summaries and served as producer of the accompanying videos.

Video performers - Performers for the October 1997 Great Hall event: Dancers - members of The Jonquil Street Foundation, Inc. Ariane Anthony, Thomas Baird, Barbara Barr, Patricia Beaman, Christopher Caines, Charles Garth, James Martin, Maris Wolff. Musicians - members of The Library of Congress Centennial Cotillion Brass Band, Emerson Head and Robert Sheldon, Leaders (Members, Metro Washington D.C. Federation of Musicians Local 161-710, AFM.)
Performers for the Coolidge Auditorium clips: Dancers - Cheryl Stafford and Thomas Baird. Musicians - Boris Gurevitch (piano), Susan Manus (violin).

NDL staff - Glenn Ricci created the graphic design for this site, with assistance from Amy Greenwood and Tracey Salley. Martha Anderson and LeeEllen Friedland provided expertise on the text review process. Marc Dudley was responsible for digital conversion and editing of video clips.

ITS staff - Dave Woodward and Lisa Fruth were responsible for creating the technical framework, making it possible to display the text and images.

Conservation Office - Mary Wootton and Alan Haley provided help with evaluation of the collection materials, repair work and handling issues.

Cataloguing - Gerry Wager, Kay Guiles and Tom Yee were responsible for upgrading existing MARC records as needed.

APLO staff - Ardie Bausenbach provided bibliographic systems support.

Rare Book Division - Clark Evans, along with Reading Room and division staff, assisted with administrative matters and retrieval of Rare Book items throughout the project.

Copyright - Melissa Levine evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements.

Dance Instruction Manuals