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Organization Telephone Number List

  • Toll Free General Information: 1-86-NARA-NARA (1-866-272-6272)
  • Washington, DC Public Events Information: 202-357-5000


Symbol Room Bldg Organization or Title Phone In Charge
N111Archives IOFFICE OF THE ARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES202-357-5900David S. Ferriero
ND4200Archives IIDEPUTY ARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES301-837-3097Debra Steidel Wall
NCON102Archives ICONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS STAFF202-357-5100John O. Hamilton
NGC3110Archives IIGENERAL COUNSEL301-837-1750Gary M. Stern
NGC3110Archives II    Director of Litigation301-837-1499Jason R. Baron
NGC3110Archives II    Senior Counsel301-837-2928Christopher M. Runkel
OIG1300Archives IIOFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL301-837-3018James E. Springs (A)
OIGArchives II    Counsel301-837-1966John M. Simms
OIGArchives II    Investigations301-837-2941Matthew T. Elliott
OIGArchives II    Audits301-837-3018James E. Springs
S106AArchives IOFFICE OF STRATEGY AND COMMUNICATIONS202-357-7464Donna M. Garland
S-A106AArchives I    Planning and Support202-357-7464Donna M. Garland (A)
SCG-1Archives I    Communications and Marketing Division202-357-5300Charles Isleib
SP106AArchives I    Strategy Division301-837-3534Paula Jonak
SR106AArchives I    Partnerships Division202-357-7464Donna M. Garland (A)
C4200Archives IICHIEF OPERATING OFFICER301-837-3604William J. Bosanko
CM2510Archives II    Corporate Records Management Staff301-837-2088Susan J. Sullivan
CML2510Archives II        Records Management Laboratory301-837-3080Thomas M. Jenkins
CMO2510Archives II        Records Management Operations Team301-837-1942Richard W. Marcus
CP4100Archives II    Performance and Accountability Staff301-837-1490Susan M. Ashtianie
H1200Archives IIOFFICE OF HUMAN CAPITAL301-837-3710Deborah A. Dodson (A)
H-PA1200Archives II    Human Capital Planning and Accountability Staff301-837-0366Deborah A. Dodson
HD1200Archives II    Diversity and Inclusion Division301-837-0295Allison G. Wise
HL3500Archives II    Learning and Development Division301-837-0450Thomas C. Kuhns
HT1200Archives II    Talent Management Division301-837-3113Constance L. Jodon
HTS370Valmeyer        Staffing and Classification Branch314-801-0881Kristal D. Lee
HTL1331Archives II        Labor/Employee Relations and Benefit Branch314-801-0881Kristal D. Lee (A)
V3200Archives IIOFFICE OF INNOVATION301-837-2029Pamela S. Wright
VI3200Archives II    Digitization Division301-837-1643Markus K. Most
VIS3200Archives II        Digitization Services Branch301-837-1643Markus K. Most (A)
VIP3200Archives II        Planning Branch301-837-3226Martin W. Jacobson
VE3200Archives II    Digital Engagement Division301-837-2029Pamela S. Wright
VES3200Archives II        Web and Social Media Branch301-837-1667Michelle Dozier
VEO3200Archives II        Digital Public Access Branch301-837-1734Rebecca C. Warlow
VS3200Archives II    Business Architecture, Standards, and Authorities Division301-837-1948John C. Martinez
VM3200Archives II    Project Management Division301-837-2029Pamela S. Wright (A)
F700Federal RegisterOFFICE OF THE FEDERAL REGISTER202-741-6100Charley A. Barth
FL700Federal Register    Legal Affairs and Policy Division202-741-6025Amy P. Bunk
FP700Federal Register    Publications and Services Division202-741-6002Michael L. White
A3600Archives IIAGENCY SERVICES301-837-0643Carla D. Riner (A)
AC2100Archives II    Office of the Chief Records Officer301-837-3120Paul M. Wester
ACN2200Archives II        National Records Management Program301-837-1539Laurence N. Brewer
ACNC3600Archives II            Permanent Records Capture Section301-837-3109Matthew Y. Eidson
ACNR2200Archives II            Records Management Services301-837-1799Margaret R. Hawkins
ACNT5320Archives II            Records Management Training Section301-837-1710William J. Bridges
ACP2100Archives II        Policy Analysis and Enforcement Branch301-837-3426Donald R. Rosen
ACPE5320Archives II            Electronic Records Format Section212-401-1631Kevin L. DeVorsey
ACPO5320Archives II            Records Management Oversight Section817-831-5920Cindy C. Smolovik
AF3600Archives II    Federal Records Center Program301-837-3115David M. Weinberg
AFB3600Archives II        Business Development Branch301-837-1929Jefferson K. Lunsford (A)
AFBFArchives II            Financial Service Section301-837-1929Jefferson K. Lunsford
AFBPArchives II            Product and Services Development Section303-604-4762Patricia A. Marek
AFC3600Archives II        Customer Relationship Management Branch301-837-1546Gordon G. Everett
AFN360Valmeyer        National Personnel Records Center314-801-0587Scott A. Levins
AFN-C103Valmeyer            Civilian Personnel Records618-935-3005Kimberly A. Gentile
AFN-CO102Valmeyer                Civilian Operations Branch618-935-3010Patricia S. Resler
AFN-CR107BValmeyer                Civilian Reference Services BranchTasha M. Wright
AFN-M360NPRC MIL            Military Personnel Records314-801-0582Kevin M. Pratt
AFN-MC1290NPRC MIL                Military Reference Core 1314-801-0725Robert C. Rootz
AFN-MC2200NPRC MIL                Military Reference Core 2Loretta S. Cox
AFN-MC3260NPRC MIL                Military Reference Core 3314-801-0658Ruth Thomas
AFN-MC4220NPRC MIL                Military Reference Core 4314-801-0788Ellen L. Davis
AFN-MO160NPRC MIL                Military Operations Branch314-801-0647Karen L. Mellott
AFN-MR240NPRC MIL                Military Records Retrieval BranchGlenn R. Bolden
AFO3600Archives II        Operations Branch404-736-2825Leanne M. Townsend-Cerame
AFO-ATEllenwood            Federal Records Centers - Atlanta404-736-2888Robert L. Williams
AFO-BOBoston            Federal Records Centers - Boston781-663-0139Paul J. Palermo
AFO-CHChicago            Federal Records Centers - Chicago773-948-9007Pamela A. Wegner
AFO-DTDayton            Federal Records Centers - Dayton937-425-0661Chloe R. Reed
AFO-DVBroomfield            Federal Records Centers - Denver303-604-4763Samantha M. Wade (A)
AFO-FWFt. Worth            Federal Records Centers - Fort Worth817-551-2003Darin C. Cote
AFO-KCLenexa            Federal Records Centers - Kansas City816-994-1702Theresa L. Mellon
AFO-KRKingsridge            Federal Records Centers - Kingsridge937-425-0601Lloyd D. Mitchell
AFO-LSLee’s Summit            Federal Records Centers - Lee’s Summit816-268-8149Sean P. Murphy
AFO-LXLenexa            Federal Records Centers - Lenexa816-268-8131Elaine M. Christopher
AFO-PAPhil.(NE)            Federal Records Centers - Philadelphia215-305-2011Aaron T. Swann
AFO-PFPittsfield            Federal Records Centers - Pittsfield413-236-3610Edmund P. Kelly
AFO-RSRiverside            Federal Records Centers - Riverside951-956-2015Michael J. Kretch
AFO-SBSan Bruno            Federal Records Centers - San Bruno650-238-3475Patricia S. Bailey
AFO-SD123Suitland            Federal Records Centers - Suitland301-778-1511Christopher C. Pinkney (A)
AFO-SESeattle            Federal Records Centers - Seattle206-336-5143Steven J. Ourada
AFOSPittsfield            FRCP Space Management Section413-236-3610Edmund P. Kelly
AISOO100Archives I    Information Security Oversight Office202-357-5205John P. Fitzpatrick
AISOO-C508Archives I        Controlled Unclassified Information Executive Agent202-357-5313Patrick D. Viscuso
AISOO-P100Archives I        Public Interest Declassification Board202-357-5323William A. Cira (A)
ANDC6350Archives II    National Declassification Center301-837-0585Sheryl J. Shenberger
AOGIS2510Archives II    Office of Government Information Services202-741-5771Miriam M. Nisbet
R3400Archives IIRESEARCH SERVICES301-837-3110William A. Mayer
R-S3400Archives II    Planning and Support Staff301-837-1636Susan R. Cummings
RD2600Archives II    Access Coordinator - Washington, DC 301-837-1931Ann A. Cummings
RD-DC2600Archives II        Archival Operations - Washington, DC301-837-1931Ann A. Cummings
RE3600Archives II    Access Coordinator - East 301-837-3089Michael T. Moore
RE-ATMorrow        Archival Operations - Atlanta770-968-2485Robert G. Richards
RE-BOWaltham        Archival Operations - Boston781-663-0121Priscilla J. Foley
RE-NYNYC        Archival Operations - New York City212-401-1620Patrick Connelly
RE-PAPHIL        Archival Operations - Philadelphia215-606-0101Leslie M. Simon
RLValmeyer    Access Coordinator - St. Louis 314-801-9132Bryan K. McGraw
RL-SL2005Valmeyer        Archival Operations - St. Louis314-801-9132Bryan K. McGraw
RM2800Archives II    Access Coordinator - Midwest 301-837-0525Kenneth W. Heger
RM-CHChicago        Archival Operations - Chicago773-948-9009Douglas A. Bicknese
RM-DVDenver        Archival Operations - Denver303-604-4740Nora E. Bolger
RM-FWFt. Worth        Archival Operations - Fort Worth817-551-2033Margaret H. Hacker
RM-KC2800Kansas City        Archival Operations - Kansas City816-268-8017Lori A. Cox-Paul
RWSeattle    Access Coordinator - West 206-336-5142Candace D. Lein-Hayes
RW-ANAnchorage        Archival Operations - Anchorage907-261-7820Candace D. Lein-Hayes (A)
RW-RSRiverside        Archival Operations - Riverside951-956-2040Gwen E. Granados
RW-SBSan Bruno        Archival Operations - San Francisco650-238-3478Michelle Bradley
RW-SESeattle        Archival Operations - Seattle206-336-5141Susan H. Karren
RX2800Archives II    Preservation Programs Division301-837-1785Doris A. Hamburg
RXC1901Archives II        Conservation Branch301-837-2906Mary L. Ritzenthaler
RXS310AValmeyer        St. Louis Preservation Branch314-801-0907Marta G. Oneill
LL8EArchives I    Center for Legislative Archives202-357-5376Richard H. Hunt
LEG-9Archives I    Education and Public Programs Division202-357-7483Maria M. Marable-Bunch
LM104Archives I    Presidential Materials Division202-357-5144John J. Laster
LP2200Archives II    Office of Presidential Libraries301-837-1662Susan K. Donius
LP-HHHoover        Herbert Hoover Library319-643-6029Thomas F. Schwartz
LP-FDRRoosevelt        Franklin D. Roosevelt Library845-486-7741Lynn A. Bassanese (A)
LP-HSTTruman        Harry S. Truman Library816-268-8210Michael J. Devine
LP-DDEEisenhower        Dwight D. Eisenhower Library785-263-6700Karl H. Weissenbach
LP-JFKKennedy        John F. Kennedy Library617-514-1651Thomas J. Putnam
LP-LBJJohnson        Lyndon B. Johnson Library512-721-0157Mark K. Updegrove
LP-RNNixon        Richard M. Nixon Library714-983-9119Paul W. Wormser (A)
LP-GRFFord Library        Gerald R. Ford Library734-205-0566Elaine K. Didier
LP-GRFMFord Museum        Gerald R. Ford Museum734-205-0566Elaine K. Didier
LP-JCCarter        Jimmy Carter Library404-865-7113Jay E. Hakes
LP-RRReagan        Ronald Reagan Library805-577-4061R D. Blackwood
LP-GBBush (41)        George Bush Library979-691-4001Warren L. Finch
LP-WJCClinton        William J. Clinton Library501-244-2884Mary T. Garner
LP-GWBBush (43)        George W. Bush Library972-353-0530Alan C. Lowe
LXG-9Archives I    Exhibits Division202-357-5264Christina R. Smith
I4400Archives IIINFORMATION SERVICES301-837-1992Michael L. Wash
I-P3310Archives II    Administration, Policy, & Planning Staff301-837-1992Michael L. Wash (A)
IS4400Archives II    Strategic Systems Management Division301-837-0324Scott A. Stovall
ISS2350Archives II        Systems Development Branch301-837-3167Mary E. Winstead
IT4400Archives II    IT Security Division301-837-0752Leo F. Scanlon
IXOArchives II        Digital Preservation Operations Branch301-837-3404Vivek Navale
IMEArchives II        Electronic Records Systems Branch301-837-0445Carmen E. Colon
IMBArchives II        Business Operations Branch301-837-3175Mario A. Barroga
B5100Archives IIBUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES301-837-1973Charles K. Piercy
B-AC5100Archives II    Administration, Policy & Planning Staff301-837-3783Maria C. Stanwich
B-AD1150Archives II    Storage Coordination and Logistics Branch301-837-3648Ronald C. Noll (A)
BQ5110Archives II    Field Support Management Division301-837-2063Gregory A. Pomicter
BQAEllenwood        Field Support Office - Atlanta404-736-2851Frederick A. Abrahamian
BQBBoston        Field Support Office - Boston781-663-0140David J. Powers
BQCChicago        Field Support Office - Chicago and Dayton817-551-2002Leonard G. Harmon
BQDBroomfield        Field Support Office - Denver303-604-4701Barbara B. Voss
BQFFt. Worth        Field Support Office - Fort Worth817-551-2002Leonard G. Harmon
BQKLenexa        Field Support Office - Kansas City816-268-8024Robert A. Newton
BQPPhil.(NE)        Field Support Office - Philadelphia215-305-2003David Roland
BQSSan Bruno        Field Support Office - San Bruno and Riverside650-238-3463David M. Piff
BQUSuitland        Field Support Office - Suitland215-305-2003David Roland
BQESeattle        Field Support Office - Seattle650-238-3463David M. Piff
BC3200Archives II    Office of the Chief Financial Officer301-837-2992Micah M. Cheatham
BCA5200Archives II        Accounting Policy and Operations Branch301-837-2992Micah M. Cheatham
BCB5200Archives II        Office of Budget301-837-1590Lucille D. Chuchman
BCCArchives II        Contract Oversight Staff301-837-2992Micah M. Cheatham (A)
BCT5100Archives II        National Archives Trust Fund BranchLawrence S. Post
BCN3340Archives II        Acquisitions Branch301-837-3063La Verne A. Fields
BF2320Archives II    Facility and Property Management Division301-837-3019Mark D. Sprouse
BFF2320Archives II        Facilities and Property Branch301-837-3712Donald W. Overfelt
BFS1150Archives II        Space Planning and Projects Branch301-837-3648Ronald C. Noll
BPArchives II    Project Assistance Division301-837-0550Alexander C. Turell
BPCArchives II        Consultation Branch301-837-0550Alexander C. Turell (A)
BPMArchives II        Project Management Branch301-837-0550Alexander C. Turell (A)
BX2300Archives II    Security Management Division301-837-0298Kevin A. McCoy
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