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BodyWorks – A toolkit for healthy teens and strong families
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Frequently asked questions about BodyWorks

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  1. What does a BodyWorks Trainer do?
    A trainer receives training to a) facilitate parent and caregiver groups in using the BodyWorks kit and b) train other trainers to do the same. OWH recommends that trainers who are trained should lead a parent/caregiver group before training others to facilitate so that they have experience to use in their training sessions that can anticipate questions.
  2. How do I get trained?
    Trainings are being held throughout the country by BodyWorks trainers. You can contact a trainer in your state to find out when and where a training is being held near you. Go to "Find Trainings, Programs, and Trainers." If you do not see a program or trainer in your state at this time, we encourage you to check back regularly for updates.
  3. How long is a training program?
    The training sessions can vary but most are scheduled for one day from 8:30 to 4:30. The morning sessions focus on bodyworks background, materials, and goals of training. The afternoon session emphasizes the training materials developed for parents and caregivers. By the end of the training, you will be prepared to train other trainers and lead a discussion for parents and caregivers on the first lesson.
  4. How much does training cost?
    The Office on Women’s Health provides the BodyWorks toolkit for free. However, training costs may vary depending on the trainer and/or organization that is providing the training in your state.
  5. What kind of materials do trainers receive at the session?
    Each training participant receives a) a BodyWorks toolkit; b) a training manual for facilitating a group of parents/caregivers; and c) a training manual to train other trainers. Each person also receives recruitment and promotional materials (also available on the BodyWorks website) to communicate about BodyWorks sessions in the community, as well as fundraising information to obtain small grants to support the training, if necessary.
  6. Is any funding available to help implement the BodyWorks program in my community?
    The Office on Women's Health does not offer funds to implement the program, but toolkits are free. To help support your program with child care, transportation, and refreshment expenses, training provides you with information on how to obtain small grants and how to access your local merchants, health clubs, and other organizations for donations for the parents and caregivers.
  7. Can my organization or state print extra copies of BodyWorks?
    OWH will provide the printing files for the entire kit and an organization or state logo can be placed to indicate partnership in this effort. OWH encourages other groups to request the files to print as many copies as they want.
  8. Can the training guides and kits be modified in terms of text to make it more relevant to my community?
    The toolkits have been reviewed and approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), so no technical information can be changed. We do believe that the training guides need to be adapted to each community, but the nutritional and physical activity information needs to remain the same.
  9. Can trainers get reimbursed for their time by charging a fee for training?
    The BodyWorks toolkit is a government publication designed to reach underserved populations, among others; so no fee can be charged for the materials. However, a trainer can receive funds from an organization for training time, printing costs, incentives, etc. but cannot charge for the toolkits.  Some trainers are also considering having small token fees for parents to encourage parent retention.
  10. Can I put the name and logo of my organization on the BodyWorks materials?
    Materials in the toolkit are copyright-free, and your logo can be placed on any of the materials when you reprint them.

Content last updated February 26, 2008.

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