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Food Assistance for Disaster Relief


USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) provides food assistance to those in need in areas affected by a disaster. This Federal assistance is in addition to that provided by State and local governments.


Under the National Response Framework, FNS can provide:
     o USDA Foods to disaster relief agencies to feed people at shelters and mass
      feeding sites.
   o States can also, with FNS approval, release USDA Foods to disaster relief agencies
      to distribute directly to households that are in need. Such direct distribution takes
      place when normal commercial food supply channels such as grocery stores have
      been disrupted, damaged or destroyed, or is unable to function.
   o FNS can authorize the issuance of D-SNAP when the President declares a major
     disaster with individual assistance. States need FNS approval to operate a D-SNAP in
     areas affected by a disaster. FNS works closely with States to prepare plans for

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Last modified: 01/22/2013