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Persons of Exceptional Prominence

Last updated: 02/08/2013

The following lists OMPFs (Official Military Personnel Files) of historically significant individuals such as military heroes, political leaders, cultural figures, celebrities, and entertainers that are now opened to the public. This list will be updated as additional records are transferred to National Archives custody and made available. Some of these records suffered damage in the 1973 fire at this center and may be incomplete.

Copies of records can be obtained in either photocopy format for a fee of 80 cents ($.80) per page or in digital format for a fee ranging from $20 - $250 depending on the size of the record. Not every record is presently available in digital format, a systematic program to scan all PEP records is underway and this list will be updated periodically to include newly digitized PEPs.

PEPs in all formats can be viewed free of charge in the Archival Research Room in St. Louis. NOTE: Original PEP records will not be viewable in the Archival Research Room. Black and white copies will be available for research purposes. If a digital copy of the PEP is available, then you can view the digital version on a computer provided by the research room. For questions about PEP records and instructions for ordering record copies please contact us by:

E-mail:, or Telephone: 314-801-0847

Abrams, Creighton W.    Army
Adamshock, Nicholas (AKA Adams, Nick)    Coast Guard
Agerholm, Harold C.    Marine Corps
Agnew, Spiro Theodore    Army
Ahern, William    Navy
Ahrens, Edward H.    Marine Corps
Albert, Raymond    Navy
Alexander, Grover Cleveland (AKA Alexander, Pete)    Army
Ammen, Daniel    Navy
Anderson, Richard B.    Marine Corps
Anderson, Rudolf    Air Force
Areeda, Phillip E.    Air Force
Arends, Lesile Cornelius    Navy
Arnaz, Desi    Army
Arnold, Henry H.    Air Force
Arthur, Beatrice    Marine Corps
Ashe, Arthur R.    Army
Atkins, Daniel    Navy
Bailey, Kenneth D.    Marine Corps
Baker, Newton D.    Army
Barnett, George    Marine Corps
Barr, Byron E. (AKA Young, Gig)    Coast Guard
Barrow, Joe L. (AKA Louis, Joe)    Army
Basilone, John    Marine Corps
Bauer, Harold W.    Marine Corps
Baumler, Albert J. (AKA Baumler, Ajax)    Air Force
Bausell, Lewis K.    Marine Corps
Bearss, Hiram I.    Marine Corps
Beau, Lucas V.    Air Force
Becwar, George J.    Air Force
Bell, Glen William, Jr.    Marine Corps
Bender, Chester R.    Coast Guard
Bennett, Floyd    Navy
Benson, William S.    Navy
Bertholf, Ellsworth P.    Coast Guard
Beser, Jacob    Air Force
Biddle, William P.    Marine Corps
Billard, Federick Chamberlayne    Coast Guard
Billingsley, William Devotie    Navy
Birch, John M.    Army
Black, Hugo L.    Army
Blake, Tom    Coast Guard
Blassie, Michael J.    Air Force
Blatnik, John A.    Air Force
Block, Harlon H.    Marine Corps
Blocker, Dan D.    Air Force
Blue, Victor    Navy
Bogart, Humphrey    Navy
Bong, Richard I.    Air Force
Bonnyman, Alexander    Marine Corps
Boone, Joel T.    Navy
Boone, Richard A.    Navy
Bordelon, William J.    Marine Corps
Borgstrom, Clyde E.    Marine Corps
Borgstrom, Rolon D.    Air Force
Bosley, Thomas Edward (AKA Bosley, Tom)    Navy
Bowen, Andrew J.    Navy
Bowman, Josephine Beatrice    Navy
Boyington, Gregory    Marine Corps
Bradley, Omar N.    Army
Breault, Henry    Navy
Breese, James Lawrence    Navy
Bren, Milton H.    Coast Guard
Brereton, Lewis H.    Air Force
Brett, George H.    Air Force
Brewster, David L.    Marine Corps
Brewster, Kingman    Navy
Britt, Harold L.    Navy
Brooks, Richard    Marine Corps
Brown, George S.    Air Force
Bruenn, Howard Gerald    Navy
Brunner, Frederick J.    Marine Corps
Bryant, Paul W.    Navy
Buckley, Howard M.    Marine Corps
Bumpers, Dale Leon    Marine Corps
Burns, Robert W.    Air Force
Burton, Arnold Phillip    Air Force
Bush, Prescott S.    Army
Butler, Smedley D.    Marine Corps
Byrd, Richard E.    Navy
Cabell, Charles P.    Air Force
Caddy, William R.    Marine Corps
Callaghan, Daniel J.    Navy
Cannon, George H.    Marine Corps
Cannon, John K.    Air Force
Capra, Frank    Army
Carey, Henry George (AKA Carey, Harry, Jr.)    Navy
Carlson, Evans F.    Army/Marine Corps
Caron, George R.    Air Force
Carswell, Horace S.    Air Force
Carter, William A. (AKA Carter, Billy)    Marine Corps
Chaffee, Adna R.    Army
Chambers, Washington I.    Navy
Charlo, Louis C.    Marine Corps
Chennault, Claire L.    Air Force
Chevalier, Godfrey    Navy
Cholister, George Robert    Navy
Cini, Alfred (AKA Martino, Al)    Navy
Clark, Mark W.    Army
Clary, Edward Alvin    Navy
Clausey, John Joseph    Navy
Clay, Lucius D.    Army
Clemente, Roberto (AKA Walker, Robert C.)    Marine Corps
Clinch, William J.    Air Force
Cochran, Hamilton    Coast Guard
Cole, Darrell S.    Marine Corps
Cole, Eli K.    Marine Corps
Coltrane, John William    Navy
Connally, John B.    Navy
Cooper, Leroy G.    Air Force
Cooper, Merian C.    Air Force
Corry, William M., Jr.    Navy
Courtney, Henry A.    Marine Corps
Craig, Malin    Army
Crommelin, Charles    Navy
Crommelin, Richard    Navy
Cromwell, John P.    Navy
Cukela, Louis    Marine Corps
Cunningham, Alfred    Marine Corps
Daly, Daniel (AKA Daly, Dan)    Marine Corps
Damato, Anthony P.    Marine Corps
Daniels, John T.    Coast Guard
Dare, Aldo (AKA Ray, Aldo)    Navy
David, Albert L.    Navy
Davis, Benjamin O.    Army
Davis, Dwight Filley    Army
Davis, George F.    Navy
Dawes, Charles G.    Army
Dealey, Samuel D.    Navy
DeGanahl, Joe    Navy
Delehanty, William    Air Force
Dewey, George    Navy
Dillinger, John H.    Navy
Donovan, William J.    Army
Dooley, Thomas A.    Navy
Doolittle, James H.    Air Force
Drexler, Henry C.    Navy
DuBose, Mary Hilliard    Navy
Duke, Angler B.    Air Force
Dulles, John Foster    Army
Dyess, Aquilla J.    Marine Corps
Echols, Oliver P.    Air Force
Edson, Merritt A.    Marine Corps
Edwards, Heywood L.    Navy
Eisenhower, Dwight D.    Army
Eisenhower, Milton    Army
Elliott, George F.    Marine Corps
Ellis, Earl H. (AKA Ellis, Pete)    Marine Corps
Ellyson, Theodore G.    Navy
Elrod, Henry T.    Marine Corps
Ent, Uzal G.    Air Force
Epperson, Harold G.    Marine Corps
Eshleman, Edwin D.    Coast Guard
Evans, Ernest E.    Navy
Evans, Gene G.    Navy
Everest, Frank F.    Air Force
Fardy, John P.    Marine Corps
Farley, Joseph F.    Coast Guard
Farragut, David Glascow    Navy
Fellers, Bonner F.    Army
Fiedler, Arthur    Coast Guard
Fischer, Anton Otto    Coast Guard
Fiske, Bradley A.    Navy
Fitch, Graham H.    Navy
Fonda, Henry J.    Navy
Ford, John    Navy
Forrestal, James Vincent    Navy
Foster, William A.    Marine Corps
Foulois, Benjamin D.    Air Force
Fox, Daniel R.    Marine Corps
Freeman, Theodore C.    Air Force
Fuqua, Samuel G.    Navy
Gable, Clark (AKA Gable, William Clark)    Army
Gay, Marvin Pentz, Jr. (AKA Gaye, Marvin)    Air Force
Gebaur, Arthur W.    Air Force
Geisel, Theodore S. (AKA "Dr. Seuss")    Air Force
Genaust, William H.    Marine Corps
George, Harold L.    Air Force
Gilmore, Howard W.    Navy
Glass, Henry    Navy
Goddard, George W.    Air Force
Godfrey, Arthur M.    Air Force/Coast Guard/Navy
Goebel, George L.    Air Force
Gonsalves, Harold    Marine Corps
Goodell, Charles E., Jr.    Air Force
Grant, Ulysses S., III    Army
Graul, Donald P.    Air Force
Grayson, Cary Travers     Navy
Greenberg, Henry (AKA Greenberg, Hank)    Army
Gridley, Charles V.    Navy
Grissom, Virgil I.    Air Force
Gronouski, John A.    Air Force
Groves, Leslie R.    Army
Grow, Malcolm C.    Air Force
Gurke, Henry    Marine Corps
Hale, Alan (AKA Mackahan, Alan H.)    Coast Guard
Haley, Alexander P.    Coast Guard
Hall, John R.    Navy
Hall, Norman B.    Coast Guard
Halsey, William F.    Navy
Halverson, Harry A.    Air Force
Halyburton, William    Navy
Hamilton, John (AKA Hayden, Sterling and Walter, Sterling Relyea)    Marine Corps
Hamlet, Harry G.    Coast Guard
Hansell, Haywood S.    Air Force
Hansen, Henry O.    Marine Corps
Harmon, Hubert R.    Air Force
Harmon, Thomas D.    Air Force
Hawkins, William D.    Marine Corps
Hearst, William Randolph    Army
Hegan, James    Coast Guard
Heinz, Henry J., III    Air Force
Helms, Jesse Alexander, Jr.    Navy
Hendrix, James M. (AKA Hendrix, Jimi M. and Hendrix, Johnny Allen)    Army
Herbert, Frank, Jr.    Navy
Herbster, Victor Daniel    Navy
Hershey, Lewis B.    Army
Heywood, Charles    Marine Corps
Hicks, Floyd V.    Air Force
Hobby, Oveta Culp    Army
Hobson, Richard (AKA Hobson, Richmond Pearson)    Navy
Holcomb, Thomas    Marine Corps
Hooper, Joe R.    Army/Navy
Hopper, Grace M.    Navy
Hopper, William    Coast Guard
Horton, Mildred H. (AKA McAfee, Mildred H.)    Navy
Hubbard, Lafayette R    Marine Corps
Hunsaker, Jerome C.    Navy
Hunter, Frank O.    Air Force
Hutchins, Carlton B.    Navy
Huval, Ivan Joseph    Navy
Ichord, Richard H.    Air Force
Izac, Edouard V.M.    Navy
Jabara, James    Air Force
Jackson, Robert H.    Army
James, Daniel, Jr. (AKA James, Chappie, Jr.)    Air Force
Jarvis, Gregory B.    Air Force
Jenkins, Verlin Elmer (AKA Jenkins, Lew)    Coast Guard
Johnson, Lyndon B.    Navy
Johnson, Opha M    Marine Corps
Johnston, Philip    Marine Corps
Jones, James R.    Army
Kane, John R. (AKA Kane, Killer)    Air Force
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (AKA Kennedy, Jack)    Navy
Kennedy, Joseph P.    Navy
Kennedy, Robert F.    Navy
Kenney, George C.    Air Force
Kerouac, John L. (AKA Kerouac, Jean-Louis Lebris de)    Navy
Ketcham, Henry King (AKA Ketcham, Hank)    Navy
Kidd, Isaac    Navy
Kimmel, Husband E.    Navy
Kincheloe, Iven C., Jr. (AKA Kincheloe, Kinch, Jr.)    Air Force
King, Ernest J.    Navy
Kinkaid, Thomas (AKA Kincaid, Thomas C.)    Navy
Kirksey, Andrew Jackson    Navy
Klinker, Mary T.    Air Force
Knight, Della Virginia    Navy
Knox, Frank (AKA Knox, William Franklin)    Army
Koelsch, John K.    Navy
Korman, Harvey Herschel    Navy
Kuter, Laurence S.    Air Force
Ladd, Alan W.    Army
Laguardia, Fiorello    Air Force
Lancaster, Burton S. (AKA Lancaster, Burt)    Army
Landon, Alfred M. (AKA Landon, Alf M.)    Army
Lay, Beirne    Air Force
Leahy, William D.    Navy
Lee, Willis A.    Navy
Lejeune, John A.    Marine Corps
Lemay, Curtis E.    Air Force
Lemnitzer, Lyman L.    Army
Lester, Fred F.    Navy
Leventhal, Harold    Coast Guard
Levin, Meyer    Air Force
Lindbergh, Charles A.    Air Force
Logan, Joshua    Air Force
Long, Charles G.    Marine Corps
Loring, Charles J., Jr.    Air Force
Louis, Joe (AKA Barrow, Joe L.)    Army
Lummus, Jack    Marine Corps
MacArthur, Arthur, III    Navy
MacArthur, Douglas    Army
Mackahan, Alan H. (AKA Hale, Alan)    Coast Guard
Mansfield, Michael Joseph    Marine Corps
Marchbanks, Tom E.    Air Force
Marchegiano, Rocco (AKA Marciano, Rocky)    Army
Mariucci, John    Coast Guard
Marney, Harold William    Navy
Martino, Al (AKA Cini, Alfred)    Navy
Marvin, Lee    Marine Corps
Mathien, Harold R.    Navy
Matlovich, Leonard    Air Force
McAfee, Mildred H. (AKA Horton, Mildred H.)    Navy
McCain, John S.    Navy
McCloy, John    Navy
McConnell, John P.    Air Force
McGrady, Samme W.    Navy
McIntire, Ross T.    Navy
McKinney, Stewart B.    Air Force
McKinnis, Henry H.    Navy
McNair, Lesley J.    Army
McNarney, Joseph T.    Air Force
McQueen, Terrance S. (AKA McQueen, Steve)    Marine Corps
McTureous, Robert M., Jr.     Marine Corps
McVay, Charles B., III    Navy
Meyers, Bennett E.    Air Force
Michelson, Albert Abraham    Navy
Miller, Alton G. (AKA Miller, Glenn)    Air Force
Miller, Doris (AKA Miller, Dorie)    Navy
Miller, Forrest Newton    Navy
Minton, Sherman    Army
Mitchell, John W.    Air Force
Mitchell, William (AKA Mitchell, Billy)    Air Force
Mitscher, Marc A.    Navy
Moffett, William A.    Navy
Morrow, Victor (AKA Morrow, Vic)    Navy
Munro, Douglas Albert    Coast Guard
Murphy, Audie L.    Army
Murray, James M.    Navy
Murrow, Edward R. (AKA Murrow, Egbert Roscoe)    Navy
Myer, Sara Burtiss    Navy
Neville, Wendell C.    Marine Corps
Newcomb, Frank H.    Coast Guard
Newcomb, Frank H.    Navy
Nimitz, Chester W.    Navy
Nixon, Richard M.    Navy
O'Donnell, Joseph Roger    Marine Corps
O'Hare, Edward H.    Navy
Old, Archie J.    Air Force
Olmstead, Jerauld L.    Navy
O'Neill, Merlin    Coast Guard
Onizuka, Ellison S.    Air Force
Osborne, Weeden E.    Navy
Paddock, Charles W.    Marine Corps
Parker, Ed    Coast Guard
Parsons, Ethel Reeder    Navy
Partridge, Earle E.    Air Force
Passman, Otto Ernest    Navy
Patton, George S.    Army
Pearson, Robert S.    Navy
Peary, Robert E.    Navy
Pellagrini, Edward Charles    Navy
Pendleton, Adah Margarette    Navy
Pendleton, Joseph H.    Marine Corps
Perry, Charles R.    Marine Corps
Peterson, Chesley G.    Air Force
Posa, Eugene E.    Air Force
Power, Tyrone E.    Marine Corps
Powers, Francis G.    Air Force
Powers, John James    Navy
Presley, Elvis Aron    Army
Pucket, Donald D.    Air Force
Pulitzer, Joseph, II    Navy
Puller, Lewis B. (AKA Puller, Chesty)    Marine Corps
Putt, Donald L.    Air Force
Pyle, Ernest T. (AKA Pyle, Ernie)    Navy
Quick, John H.    Marine Corps
Quine, Richard H.    Coast Guard
Ray, Aldo (AKA Dare, Aldo)    Navy
Read, Robert F.    Navy
Rector, Edward F.    Navy
Red Cloud, Mitchell, Jr.    Marine Corps
Regele, Susan R.    Air Force
Reuterdahl, Henry    Navy
Reynolds, William F.    Coast Guard
Rhoads, Eugene Saylor    Navy
Rich, Claude E.    Navy
Richmond, Alfred C.    Coast Guard
Rickenbacker, Edward V.    Air Force
Rickert, Marvin August    Coast Guard
Ricketts, Milton E.    Navy
Rickover, Hyman G.    Navy
Riddell, Eugene E.    Navy
Ridgway, Matthew Bunker    Army
Rittichier, Jack C.    Coast Guard
Roberts, George S.    Air Force
Robinson, Jack Roosevelt (AKA Robinson, Jackie)    Army
Robinson, Robert Guy    Marine Corps
Rockne, Knute K. (AKA Rokne, Knut)    Army
Rodd, Herbert Charles    Navy
Rodgers, John    Navy
Rogers, Thomas S.    Navy
Roland, Edwin J.    Coast Guard
Roosevelt, Elliott    Army
Roosevelt, Franklin D.    Army
Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr.    Navy
Roosevelt, Gracie H. (AKA Roosevelt, Hall)    Army
Roosevelt, James    Marine Corps
Roosevelt, John A.    Navy
Roosevelt, Kermit    Army
Roosevelt, Quentin    Army
Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr. (AKA Roosevelt, Ted)    Army
Rosenberry, Orval A.    Navy
Ross, Barney    Marine Corps
Ross, Worth G.    Coast Guard
Rossi, Marie T.    Army
Rupertus, William H.    Marine Corps
Russell, John H.    Marine Corps
Ryan, John D.    Air Force
Sadler, Barry A.    Air Force/Army
Sampson, William T.    Navy
Sandman, Charles William, Jr.    Navy
Schmitt, Aloysius H.    Navy
Scobee, Francis R. (AKA Scobee, Dick)    Air Force
Scott, Norman    Navy
Selway, Robert R.    Air Force
Shepard, Leonard G.    Coast Guard
Shoemaker, Charles F.    Coast Guard
Shore, Ernest Grady (AKA Shore, Ernie)    Navy
Short, Walter C.    Army
Shuler, George K.    Marine Corps
Sigsbee, Charles D.    Navy
Sijan, Lance P.    Air Force
Silk, Edward A.    Air Force
Slovik, Eddie (AKA Slovik, Edward Donald)    Army
Smith, Bernard Lewis    Marine Corps
Smith, Cyrus R.    Air Force
Smith, Holland M.    Marine Corps
Smith, Joseph    Air Force
Smith, Margaret Chase    Air Force
Smith, Maynard H.    Air Force
Sousa, John Philip    Navy
Sousley, Franklin R.    Marine Corps
Spaatz, Carl    Air Force
Springer, William Lee    Navy
Spruance, Raymond A.    Navy
Stark, Harold    Navy
Steichen, Edward J.    Navy
Steveson, Adlai E., II    Navy
Stillwell, Joseph W.    Army
Stone, Elmer F.    Coast Guard
Story, Anthony F.    Air Force
Strank, Michael    Marine Corps
Streeter, Ruth C.    Marine Corps
Stubblefield, Frank Albert    Navy
Sullivan, Albert L.    Navy
Sullivan, Francis H.    Navy
Sullivan, George T.    Navy
Sullivan, Joseph E.    Navy
Sullivan, Madison A.    Navy
Sulser, Frederick F.    Navy
Swigert, John L. (AKA Swigert, Jack)    Air Force
Symington, James Wadsworth    Marine Corps
Talbot, Ralph    Marine Corps
Taylor, Charles C.    Navy
Taylor, Maxwell D.    Army
Thom, Leonard Jay    Navy
Thomas, Ernest I.    Marine Corps
Tomich, Peter    Navy
Townsend, Julius C.    Navy
Tracy, Spencer B.    Navy
Truman, Harry S.    Army
Truscott, Lucian K    Army
Tunner, William H.    Air Force
Turner, Richmond Kelly    Navy
Twining, Nathan    Air Force
Tyson, Robert    Navy
Upshur, William P.    Marine Corps
Van Voorhis, Bruce A.    Navy
Vandegrift, Alexander A.    Marine Corps
Vandenberg, Hoyt S.    Air Force
VanValkenburg, Francis    Navy
Veeck, William L.    Marine Corps
Vinson, Frederick M.    Army
Volpe, John A.    Navy
Waesche, Russell R.    Coast Guard
Wainwright, Jonathan M.    Army
Wainwright, Richard, Jr.    Navy
Walker, Robert C. (AKA Clemente, Roberto)    Marine Corps
Wallace, George C.    Army
Waller, Littleton    Marine Corps
Walter, Sterling Relyea (AKA Hamilton, John and Hayden, Sterling)    Marine Corps
Watson, Edward Howe    Navy
Webb, Jack (AKA Webb, John Randolph)    Army
Wedemeyer, Albert C.    Army
Wells, Raymond V.    Navy
Weyland, Otto P.    Air Force
White, Byron R.    Army
White, Edward H.    Air Force
White, Thomas D.    Air Force
Whitney, Cornelius Vanderbilt    Air Force
Wilkie, Wendell L.    Army
Williams, Jack    Navy
Willy, Wilford J.    Navy
Wise, Frederic M.    Marine Corps
Wood, Leonard A.    Army
Worley, George W.    Navy
Wrentmore, Ernest L.    Air Force
Wyman, Louis Crosby    Navy
York, Alvin C.    Army
Young, Gig (AKA Barr, Byron E. )    Coast Guard
Young, John Andrew    Navy
Zablocki, Clement J.    Air Force
Zindler, Marvin Harold    Marine Corps


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