Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Anti-Harassment Policy

January 12, 2010

SUBJECT: Anti-Harassment Policy

TO: All employees

Purpose of this transmittal memo
This memo transmits the new NARA directive on anti-harassment.

NARA’s anti-harassment policy was previously issued as a policy statement by the Archivist but, due to the broad applicability of the policy, it is now a directive.

Significant provisions. 

    -- It includes hostile or abusive conduct based on race, color, religion, sex (whether or not of a sexual nature), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or retaliation, even if the conduct has not risen to the level of illegality. 

    -- It applies to individuals beyond just NARA employees, including contractors, volunteers, interns, foundation staff, visitors, and customers.

    -- All of these individuals are protected by NARA 396 from harassment in the course of conducting business with NARA.

Canceled policy or policies. 
This directive supersedes the following policy or policies:  Previous anti-harassment policy statements issued by the Archivist.

Effective Date. 
This directive is effective date of signature.

Contact information. 
You may direct questions about this directive to Tammie Johnson (NEEO) in room 4400, AII; by telephone at 301-837-1986; by fax at 301-837-0869; or by e-mail at tammie.johnson@nara.gov.

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