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  Construct your search using the fill-in blanks and menus on the previous page:

  1. Optional -- Set Search Limits before following the steps below.
  2. Search: -- Enter a word, several words, or a phrase in the box.
  3. From the following drop-down menu, select all of these, any of these or as a phrase ("all of these" is the default, and is highly recommended).
  4. As: -- Select an Index Name* from the drop-down menu (Note: Number Searches are also available).
  5. From the following radio buttons, select AND, OR, or NOT (boolean operators) to add more information to the search (see Boolean Searching help page for assistance).
  6. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 to refine your search further by using the last set of fill-in blanks and menus.
  7. Select the [Begin Search] button to get results.
* SEARCH RESULTS sort order varies with choice of index.

More detailed help on Guided Searching is available.

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