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A Message From the HHS Senior Sustainability Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration

For many years, sustainability and social responsibility have been core focal points of responsible business. The benefits of these practices provide efficiency and accountability, as well as happier and healthier citizens and employees. With President Obama’s commitment to a more sustainable government and the signing of Executive Order 13514, the opportunity for HHS to meet or exceed the President’s challenge is an exciting prospect for a Department that has a strong history in supporting responsible stewardship. As the Senior Sustainability Officer for HHS, I will ensure that our Department not only continues its commitment to compliance with all environmental and energy statutes, regulations and Executive Orders, but also innovates and leads in the areas of sustainable development and operation.

Despite tremendous accomplishments, we have learned that being responsible stewards of the environment is about more than just the structures we work in. Our employees will be educated and empowered as we launch an aggressive communication campaign to instill sustainability into our culture of procurement, IT, travel, and our employees’ everyday lifestyle choices.

Most importantly to HHS, sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our mission. The Department is tasked with protecting the health of all Americans, stressing the commitment to sustainability and ensuring that the enduring prosperity of all living things continues. The HHS Sustainability Plan is not just compliance with an Executive Order, but is also the culmination of years of commitment to sustainable practices, as well as the reaffirmation of the importance of the HHS mission. Our Department understands and is committed to taking a leadership role in researching and communicating the relationship between the health of our citizens and the health of our environment.

Our short term goals will focus on increasing awareness and education as well as the continuation of strengthening our sustainability programs in a serious effort to meet the goals of the Executive Order. Through our past accomplishments and future commitments, I am confident that the Department of Health and Human Services will lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

E.J. Holland, Jr.
Assistant Secretary for Administration
HHS Senior Sustainability Officer