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This page provides an overview of the processes and activities associated with FNS' discretionary grant opportunities. Please note that grants administration in the Federal Government is undergoing a major technological advance. As you read this, arrangements are being made for all Federal grant applications to be submitted centrally through electronic means.

   The Application Process
     The FNS Discretionary Grant Application Process
     Hints, Tips, and Suggestions when Applying for FNS     Discretionary Grants
    FNS solicitations - open & closed
    Applications for FNS grants being evaluated at this time
    Other Federal grant announcements - go to  [Grants.gov]
   General and Historical Information
    FNS Discretionary Grant Summaries
    FNS Discretionary Grant Awards History
    Analyses of Past Grant Award Activity
    Faith-Based & Community-Based Information

Last modified: 02/27/2013

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