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Helpful Hints, Tips, and Suggestions when Applying for FNS Discretionary Grants

The follow are provided as a courtesy to potential grant applicants.

The use or inclusion of any or all of these suggestions does not guarantee selection to receive a grant opportunity:

  • Read the grant announcement very carefully to make sure your organization is qualified to apply.  

  • Ensure that your organization’s leadership is supportive of the grant application and all that an award will entail.

  • If the grant process seems too burdensome for your organization, consider partnering with another local organization so you can focus on service delivery while they take the lead on grant administration manners.  

  • Develop an action plan with a timeline for meeting the grant application deadline.  

  • Follow the instructions carefully. Be sure that your plan will meet the needs of FNS.  

  • Keep your goals realistic.  

  • Cite research that supports your application’s goals.  

  • Be reasonable with your funding request to adequately match the scope of work proposed.  

  • Make sure the cost elements listed in the budget match the activities described in the grant proposal.  

  • Create an outline first, then fill in the narrative.  

  • Edit your application for spelling, content, and grammatical errors.  Provide a professional product that will reflect well on your organization.  

  • Do not assume the selection panel knows more about your proposal than you have written.  

  • Address each evaluation criteria, and make it easy for the panel to find the information.  

  • Call the grants officer with any questions.  

  • Have a table of contents and stay within the specified page limits.  

  • Use spreadsheets for extensive computations to ensure accuracy of calculations.  

  • Meet the application deadline and file in the appropriate manner.

Last modified: 10/06/2011

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