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Real Teens Ask: Can Your Brain Size Change From Drug Use?

Sara Bellum

At NIDA's last Drug Facts Chat Day, mendythepenty asked this question:

"is it possible that you do so much drugs, that your brain can change into the size of a pea?"

When you do drugs, your brain changes. According to NIDA scientists, the brain weighs about three pounds and doing drugs, even for the first time, can change how our brain looks and works. Assuming you're serious, does this literally mean it can shrink to the size of a pea? Probably not, but the fact that drugs can change your brain, never mind damage or kill brain cells, is enough for me! I want to be smart. To me, smart means cool, and it means healthy. And healthy means being able to live the life you choose, whether that's trying out for the basketball team, skateboarding with friends, or going to the school dance.

Discover more about how drugs affect the brain. And pass it on! You can read more real questions from kids in our NIDA Drug Facts Chat Day transcripts.


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haha, get it? "simon says:"? but seriously. drugs are no laughing matter... unless you make a pun on this blog and it IS funny. only then is it funny.

Right the sports really what takes them out of drugs whether they are depress or what there is no good in drugs not even pleasure it is something that will only destroy you, nothing more and less!

Great advice to stay away from drugs so you can skateboard with friends!
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