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Real Teens Ask: Can drugs give you viruses?

Sara Bellum

At NIDA's last Drug Facts Chat Day, Razorfang asked this question:

"can you get viruses from drugs?"

The answer to this might surprise you. Although you can't get viruses directly from drugs, using drugs can increase your chances of catching a virus like HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). In fact, behaviors associated with drug abuse are one of the biggest factors in the spread of HIV across the US.

That's because drugs can mess up your judgment and lead to bad decisions—bad decisions like unsafe sex. And risky sex can lead to more than pregnancy. It can also lead to becoming infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted viruses.

The bottom line is that avoiding drugs and alcohol can help keep teens safe from HIV. Learn more about the link between drug abuse and HIV. You can also find out more about youth and HIV at


Makes me wonder where your hidin your drugs!ha. but like they say: dont play around with that stuff!

why do people have to take durugs ir is bad for you

actually that's the point right there. drug abuse initially starts as a choice. a person doesn't have to take drugs.

yea drugs can get you addicted

its not like anybody can stop spmeone from doing what they want to so why worry about it so much

i will never get hooked on drugs

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