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The National Archives holds information about American Indians who maintained their ties to Federally-recognized Tribes (1830-1970). Most records are arranged by tribe. Read more.

Helpful information to know before searching these records:

  • Name of the person
  • Name of the person's federally-recognized tribe
  • Approximately when the person lived
  • What state or territory the person lived in

The original administrative records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) headquarters are in the National Archives, Washington, DC.

  • NARA's regional facilities hold records created by the BIA field offices and Indian schools.
  • NARA's regional facility in Ft. Worth holds many of the records relating to the Five Civilized Tribes.

General Information

Census Records

Dawes Rolls

Guion-Miller Roll

How to Order the Guion-Miller Roll

Use Form Number NATF 83 to order copies of individual applications for compensation arising from the judgment of the United States Court of Claims on May 28, 1906 for the Eastern Cherokee tribe, also known as the Guion Miller enrollment.

Other Specific Native American Topics

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