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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
February, 2002

Extramural Policy and Review Activities


For this Council cycle, the Office of Extramural Affairs arranged and managed fifteen review meetings for applications in its standing committees, applications in conflict- of-interest with standing committees, and submissions to special initiatives. One contract proposal review meeting was held and sixteen concept reviews were completed.

The reviews for NIDA’s chartered committees were held. These consist of NIDA-E (Treatment Review Committee), NIDA-F (Health Services Review Committee), NIDA-L (Medications Development Committee), and NIDA-K (Training Committee). Three Special Emphasis Panels were held to review applications in conflict with the chartered committees. Six Special Emphasis panels were constituted for reviews of specific mechanisms: centers, program projects, conferences, and Minority Institutions Drug Abuse Research Development Program applications. In addition, OEA staff managed the reviews for B/START and Cutting Edge Basic Research Award (CEBRA) mechanisms.

The Contracts Review Branch managed the following reviews of proposals:

Proposal Review
NO1DA-2-1108 Research Dissemination to the Entertainment Industry
SBIR Concept Reviews
N43DA-2-7727 Analytical Techniques Program
N43DA-2-5518 Prevention Training
N43DA-2-1109 Development of Science Education Materials
N43DA-2-8819 Medicinal Chemistry-Design Synthesis of Treatment Agents for Drug Abuse
N43DA-2-8820 Dosage Form Development
N43DA-2-5517 Developing New Technologies for Drug Abuse Prevention Delivery: Translation of Empirically Validated Prevention Strategies and Programs into New Technology
N43DA-2-7731 Novel Drug Delivery System for the Mouse
N43DA-2-7726 Functional Imaging Agent
N43DA-2-7714 Technologies for Localizing Gene Expression
N43DA-2-7715 Activity-based Protein Profiling
N43DA-2-7730 High-Throughput Screening of Functional Activity of Proteins Using Bio-sensor-based Technology
N43DA-2-5506 Developing Methodologies for Cost Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
N43DA-2-5506 Developing Prevention Services Analytic Tools for Improved Substance Abuse Prevention Delivery
N43DA-2-5513 Develop and Maintain Substance Abuse Prevention Methodological Software
N43DA-2-7709 Virtual Reality for Treatment of Pain
N43DA-2-7710 Virtual Reality for Treatment of Drug Abuse

Staff Training and Policy Development

The OEA Symposium Series continued its monthly meetings for staff development, under the direction of Dr. Mark Swieter, SRA, Basic Sciences Review Branch. A variety of case studies and updates on NIH extramural policies were presented and discussed.

Dr. Teresa Levitin, Director, OEA, has represented NIDA on an NIH-wide committee to address continuing education requirements.

Mr. Eric Zatman, Contracts Review Branch, is representing NIDA on a trans-NIH committee that is examining and updating the NIH policies and procedures for review of contracts, as contained in the NIH Manual section entitled, “Initiation, Review, Evaluation, and Award of Research & Development (R&D) Contract Projects.”

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