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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
February, 2002

Grantee Honors

Dr. Linda Caldwell, Penn State University, received the 2001 National Therapeutic Recreation Society Professional Research Award for “significant contributions to the profession of therapeutic recreation.”

Dr. F. Ivy Carroll, Vice President for Chemistry and Life Sciences at the Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina has been awarded the 2002 Medicinal Chemistry Award of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Medicinal Chemistry. This is the ACS’s top honor in medicinal chemistry. This award cited Dr. Carroll’s international recognition in a variety of research areas, and particularly highlighted the development of the 3-phenyl-tropane class of compounds as potential treatment agents for cocaine abuse, and his work on kappa selective antagonists and nicotinic receptor antagonists.

Dr. Linda Cottler, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, was chosen to receive the Boston University School of Public Health Alumni Award.

Dr. Thomas Dishion, University of Oregon, was selected as a fellow in the American Psychological Society.

Dr. Lewis Donohew, University of Kentucky, was honored as the National and International Communication Associations' Health Communication Scholar of the Year for 2001-2002 for his landmark work in translating basic research on risk-taking and sensation-seeking personality into the study and development of research-based prevention media campaigns.

Dr. Michael Hecht, Penn State University, is the recipient of the National Communication Association's 2001 Gerald R. Phillips Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Applied Communication Research.

Dr. Steve Maier of the University of Colorado, Department of Neuroscience (Denver) was named a Distinguished University Professor in December 2001. He is only the 19th person to receive this honor. Dr. Maier receives NIDA support to look at the activity in the serotonin system under conditions of controllable and uncontrollable stress.

Eileen Pencer, President of a CTN Community Treatment Provider in the New York Node was elected as President of the Association of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State, in November 2001.

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