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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
May, 2001

Extramural Policy and Review Activities

Review Meetings

For this Council cycle, the Office of Extramural Affairs arranged and managed 12 committees for the review of grant applications and 14 for contract proposal reviews. In addition, one contract concept was reviewed.

The reviews for NIDA's chartered committees were held, which include NIDA-E (Treatment Review Committee), NIDA-F (Health Services Review Committee), NIDA-L (Medications Development Committee), and NIDA-K (Training Committee). One Special Emphasis Panel was held to review applications in conflict with the chartered committees. Six Special Emphasis Panels were constituted for reviews of specific mechanisms: centers, program projects (two meetings), institutional development programs, B/STARTs, and conference grants.

One meeting was held for reviews of the RFA entitled Services Research on the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network.

The Contracts Review Branch managed the following reviews of proposals:

N43DA-1-5509 Topic 36 Develop Materials for Gathering Data and Completing Social Network Analysis in Drug Abuse Prevention
N43DA-1-7716 Topic 38 High-throughput Screening of Functional Activity of Proteins Using Biosensor-Based Technology
N43DA-1-7719 Topic 40 Fluorescent Probes
N43DA-1-7720 Topic 8 Drug Supply Services Support</TD>
N01DA-1-1102 Policy Planning Support Services
N43DA-1-5507 Topic 34 Develop New Technologies for Abuse Prevention Delivery
N01DA-1-8816 In Vitro Receptor Activity Determinations for Medications Development
N01DA-1-8814 Technical and Conference Support
N01DA-1-7725 Antinociception Physical Dependence and Abuse Liability Testing
N44DA-1-8803 Phase II SBIR HIV Risk Assessment for Women in a Health Care Setting
N44DA-1-5503 Phase II SBIR Telemedicine
N44DA-1-7705 Phase II SBIR Transdermal THC
N44DA-1-7708 Phase II SBIR Development of Placebo Marijuana Cigarettes
N01DA-1-8813 Development and Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products for Addiction Treatment

In addition, a concept for N01DA-1-5514 State and Local Epidemiologic Planning and Information Development was reviewed.

Consumer members participated in the review meetings for the NIDA-E (Treatment) and NIDA-F (Health Services) study sections in February and March 2001. The initial experience was positive in terms of contributions made by the new members and their interactions with the rest of the committee. OEA is evaluating this process.

Staff Training and Policy Development

The OEA Symposium Series continued its monthly meetings for staff development. In January 2001, Dr. Ron Geller, Director, Office of Extramural Programs, NIH, spoke on developing Program Announcements and Requests for Applications. Dr. Rita Liu, Associate Director for Grants Activities, OEA, presented on reviews of Centers in February 2001. In March 2001, Dr. George Stone, Chief, Extramural Inventions and Technology Resources Branch, NIH, and Mr. John Salzman, IEdison User Support Specialist, NIH, led a presentation of intellectual property and the rights and responsibilities of grantees, contract recipients, and NIH staff. April 2001's session was a question and answer forum with NIDA's Director, Dr. Alan Leshner. The OEA Symposium Series is organized by Dr. William C. Grace, Deputy Director, OEA.

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