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LPC Staff

Lead Program Coordinators (LPC)

The LPCs and Co-LPCs work closely with SPO Chief, SPO staff, the Researchers and Scholars Work Group Chairs and the extramural community to identify research gaps and opportunities to promote and conduct health disparities research.  They serve as a lead NIDA program official to engage Workgroup Chairs and members, along with SPO, other program staff, the NIDA Director and the Deputy Director to implement scientific strategic plans and initiatives.


American Indian and Alaskan Native Research and Scholars Workgroup LPCs

  • Kathy Etz, Ph.D. (LPC)
    Social Science Analyst
    Expertise: Clinical epidemiology in adolescents and early adults; cultural and other factors re: to drug abuse among American Indians and Alaska Natives
  • Carmen Rosa, M.S. (Co-LPC)
    Clinical Trials Network, Regulatory Affairs Specialist
    Expertise: Clinical research, clinical trials; regulatory affairs; health disparities; minority populations
    Additional Language:  Spanish

African-American Research and Scholars Workgroup LPCs

  • Dionne Jones, Ph.D. (LPC)
    Services Research Branch, Deputy Branch Chief
    Expertise: Treatment and intervention services for HIV/AIDS; gender differences; health disparities and African American populations
  • Belinda Sims, Ph.D. (Co-LPC)
    Prevention Research Branch, Health Scientist Administrator
    Expertise: Prevention; interventions for prenatal and infancy, and early childhood through preadolescence;  family-based prevention services; research training

Asian-American/Pacific Islander Research and Scholars Workgroup LPC’s

  • Betty Tai, Ph.D. (LPC)
    Director, Center for the Clinical Trials Network
    Expertise: Clinical pharmacology; clinical trials relevant to clinical practice; Asian populations
  • Woody Lin, Ph.D. (Co-LPC)
    Clinical Neuroscience Program Director
    Expertise: Clinical neuroscience; HIV/AIDS; pain and analgesia; Asian populations

National Hispanic Science Network LPCs

  • Iván Montoya, M.D., M.P.H. (LPC)
    Deputy Director, Division of Pharmacotherapies and Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse
    Expertise: Medications development for treatment of substance abuse disorders; epidemiology; Hispanic/Latino populations

    Additional Language:  Spanish

  • Joseph Frascella, Ph.D. (Co-LPC)
    Director, Division of Clinical Neurosciences & Behavioral Research
    Expertise: Clinical neurobiology; human neuroscience; Hispanic/Latino populations


  • Nadine Rogers, Ph.D.
    Scientific Review Officer, Grants Review Branch, Office of Extramural Affairs
    Expertise: HIV/AIDS prevention; sexual risk-taking; international program implementation; minority populations

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