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Question: How often is MedlinePlus updated?


  • MedlinePlus health topics pages:

    • Reviewed at least every six months. We add new links every day.

    • There are two dates in the footer of every health topic page:

      • "Date last updated" indicates when information was added to or removed from that page.

      • "Topic last reviewed" indicates when the entire topic was systematically reviewed.

    • The update dates on the external pages that we link to are all different and depend on the schedule of the sponsoring organization. Check the individual page or site for date information.

  • Other MedlinePlus content:

    • Dictionary: The current copyright date is 2012.

    • Drug and Supplement information:

      • AHFS® Consumer Medication Information from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists is updated monthly.

      • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version is updated quarterly.

    • Interactive Health Tutorials: Updated annually.

    • Medical Encyclopedia: Updated monthly.

    • News: Updated every weekday. Reuters and HealthDay news stories remain on the site for 90 days.

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