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Question: What is the difference between MedlinePlus and MEDLINE/PubMed?



  • Is a health information Web site for patients, families and other consumers.

  • Contains carefully selected links to Web resources with authoritative health information on over 900 health topics, as well as dictionaries, directories, organizations, and news stories.

  • Provides access to medical information via:

  • Contains links to preformulated searches of the MEDLINE/PubMed database, allowing you to find references to latest health professional articles on your topic.


  • Is a database of professional biomedical literature.

  • Is a Web-based, searchable database of over 22 million article references published in more than 5000 biomedical journals and magazines.

  • Can be searched for free.

  • Includes links to some full-text journal articles via publishers' Web pages.
    • Publisher access to articles varies by publisher. Some provide access for free; others charge for articles or require a subscription.

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