About the VA Office of Inspector General

George J. Opfer

Inspector General

George J. Opfer was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve as Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on September 6, 2005... More

Richard J. Griffin

Deputy Inspector General

Richard J. Griffin began his career with the Secret Service in 1971 as an agent in the agency's Chicago office. Subsequent positions included agent in charge in Los Angeles... More

OIG Org Chart

The OIG Organization Chart

The OIG is comprised of four major operational elements View our Organization Chart

Office Locations

Office Locations

The VA OIG has its headquarters in Washington, DC but most of our staff are located at offices throughout the country. View Locations

About the Immediate Office of the Inspector General

Immediate Office of the Inspector General

Special assistant to the Inspector General, congressional relations and administrative support. About Us

About the Immediate Office of the Inspector General

Counselor to the Inspector General

Independent legal advice to the IG and managers and a full range of legal services. Supervises the Contract Review Division. Processes FOIA and Privacy Act requests. About Us

About the Office of Audits and Evaluations

Audits and Evaluations

Independent evaluations of VA's activities in order to ensure the integrity of its programs and operations. About Us

About the Office of Contract Review

Contract Review

Provides preaward, postaward, and other requested reviews of vendors' proposals and contracts related to the Federal Supply Schedule program, construction contracts, and sole-source contracts with affiliated institutions. About Us

About the Office of Healthcare Inspections

Healthcare Inspections

Inspects health care issues, reviews medical center operations, evaluates Nationwide health care programs, and provides clinical consultations to strengthen VA health care. About Us

About the Office of Investigations


Investigates crimes committed against programs and operations of VA and allegations of serious violations of policies and procedures by high-ranking members of the Department. About Us

About the Office of Management and Administration

Management and Administration

Administrative support, human resources management, contract administration, logistical and procurement services, and information technology support. About Us