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Dept of Veterans Affairs
Office of Inspector General
Office of Counselor (50C)
810 Vermont Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20420
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The Office of Counselor provides independent legal advice to the Inspector General and OIG managers. The Office provides a full range of legal services in furtherance of the OIG’s mission. Attorneys provide advice and counsel on internal matters, and serve as liaison to the OIG legal community, the Department of Justice and other agencies. OIG attorneys are involved in all aspects of OIG operations to include reviewing reports for release to the public, internal personnel matters, False Claims Act cases, legislative initiatives, testifying before Congress, etc.

The Release of Information Office falls under the supervision of the Counselor to the IG. That office primarily processes Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests for OIG records, as well as other requests for information to include discovery during litigation.

The Contract Review Division also falls under the supervision of the Counselor to the IG.