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You might be eligible for a cash reward for disclosing to VA OIG information concerning criminal or unlawful activities involving VA programs and personnel – please read our rewards program policy for more details.

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The Office of Investigations (OI) investigates crimes committed against programs and operations of VA by employees and non-employees, as well as allegations of serious violations of policies and procedures by high-ranking members of the Department. OI is composed of four divisions: Criminal Investigations, Administrative Investigations, Analysis and Oversight, and Investigative Data Systems and Analysis. Criminal investigations focus on fraud against VA committed by beneficiaries, their survivors, fiduciaries, contractors, and VA employees; fraud related to pharmaceutical firms’ illegal defective pricing or off-label marketing activities; acts of embezzlement, extortion, and bribery committed by VA employees; theft and diversion of legal drugs by VA staff and others; sale of contraband drugs and pharmaceuticals by and to VA staff and patients; theft of VA resources and data; identity theft; stolen valor; assaults involving VA employees and patients, including homicide, manslaughter, and rape; threats against VA employees, patients, facilities, and computer systems; mortgage fraud; workers compensation fraud; and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) fraud. Administrative investigations focus on violations of policies and procedures concerning high-ranking senior officials, such as misuse of Government resources and official time, preferential treatment, abuse of authority, nepotism, and travel irregularities. Through prosecution, administrative action, and monetary recoveries, these investigations promote integrity, patient safety, efficiency, and accountability.