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A project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health

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BodyWorks – A toolkit for healthy teens and strong families
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Training and promotional videos

The Office on Women’s Health has created a new BodyWorks promotional video and a series of training advisory videos.

Introduction to the BodyWorks program promotional video

The BodyWorks team is pleased to offer a new tool — a promotional video that trainers can use to promote and explain BodyWorks in your communities. Trainers can show this video during the first session to motivate participants, send it to potential BodyWorks families, share it with community leaders or potential trainers, and post or link to it on websites or social media pages.

Introduction to the BodyWorks program

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BodyWorks university trainer advice video series

The BodyWorks team announces a new series of videos with advice for BodyWorks trainers! These seven short videos feature some of our most experienced trainers sharing tips on topics such as program planning, recruitment and promotion, funding, partnerships, and tools for effective communication. We hope you find the information in these videos useful as you prepare for, promote and implement your BodyWorks programs. These videos can also be shared during train-the-trainer sessions to help new BodyWorks trainers get started with their programs.

Getting started

Developing a program plan

Recruiting and promoting a program

Establishing partnerships

Funding your program

Presentation skills

Working with participants

Content last updated May 09, 2011.

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