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Information on Health Care Centers in Haiti

The world community is responding in big ways to the needs of Haiti. However, there are still many health care needs. One problem facing health care providers in Haiti is knowing where to send a patient who might need surgery or have an x-ray taken. The Pan-American Health Organization, who is leading the health care effort in Haiti with the Haitian Ministry of Health, has begun collecting information on health care centers. It is PAHO’s hope that this information will help get supplies to health care centers that need them and will help patients get to the right health care center for help.

If you have information on health care centers in Haiti we ask that you share it with the Pan-American Health Organization. To submit your information, please go to You will have to enter the following information to enter the website:

  • Username = haitig1
  • Password  = 4aid1

If you work in a health care center in Haiti and would like to view the collected information, please go to