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Office of the DCNBR Director (OD)

What We Do:

The mission of the Division of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research is to utilize a translational approach, within a clinical research context, to improve health by advancing our understanding of brain and behavior in drug abuse and addiction.  This mission is pursued through programs of clinical research and research training within three branches centered on neuroscience, development, and treatment.  A major focus of the Division is the support of science for the translation of basic findings to clinical research, as well as for the translation of the results of clinical investigations to applied research.

Staff Contacts:

  • Joseph Frascella, Ph.D.  - Director
  • Barbara Usher, Ph.D.Special Assistant to Director
  • Carolyn Tucker  - Support Staff
  • Justin Drott  - Support Staff

This page was last updated December 2011

    Featured Publication

    Featured Publication

    Drugs, Brains, and Behavior - The Science of Addiction

    As a result of scientific research, we know that addiction is a disease that affects both brain and behavior.