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Clinical/Medical Branch (CMB)

What We Do:

The CMB plans, designs, and implements a comprehensive program that evaluates, in a clinical setting, investigational and marketed medications for their potential value in treating substance abuse disorders. Potential medications are studied in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings and can be managed through all phases of clinical development (Phases 1-4). The CMB is comprised of clinicians, clinical trials specialists and a statistician. CMB staff design protocols, monitor clinical trials, analyze data, and provide consultation and collaboration to the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and other interested parties regarding projects of mutual interest, study design, and data analysis. In addition, the CMB supports research training of clinicians to expand expertise in clinical research in methods as applied to medications development. The CMB files INDs in collaboration with the Regulatory Affairs Branch.

Staff Biographies and Research Interests:

  • David J. McCann, Ph.D., - Acting Chief
  • Ann Anderson, M.P.H., M.D., - Medical Officer
    A family practice physician for 12 years, including some obstetrics, then 3 yrs at CDC in fetal alcohol prevention and training to investigate disease clusters and outbreaks. Monitored safety and coordinated development of multi-site trials for NIDA's Clinical Trials Network. Develops and oversees clinical trials for new pharmaceutical treatments for drugs of abuse. Monitors safety and analyzes adverse events. Joined DPMCDA in 1999.
  • Liza Gorgon, M.A., - Clinical Trials Specialist
    Serves as project officer for the National Institute on Drug Abuse / Veterans Affairs Interagency Agreement as well as alternate project officer for clinical operations contracts. Manages data input for the Clinical Trials Portfolio System. Initiates, manages and monitors clinical trials with nine years of experience as a clinical research associate. Joined DPMCDA in 1991.
  • Shwe Gyaw, M.D., - Medical Officer
    Provides medical and safety monitoring for NIDA's clinical trials. Involved in planning, design and development of clinical trial protocols and data and safety monitoring plans. Certified Physician Investigator and has worked as a principal investigator/medical director for 6 years with a global contract research organization (PAREXEL) and associate director for 2 years with Pfizer Global Research and Development. Experience in First in Man studies including various monoclonal antibodies and biologics, drug interaction studies, bioequivalent and food effect studies, thorough QT studies, methodology studies and dose titration/dose ranging studies. Board certified in Internal Medicine. Joined DPMCDA in 2011.
  • Shou-Hua Li, Ph.D., - Mathematical Statistician
    Oversees experimental design and statistical analyses of clinical trials. Two years of experience in the National Cancer Institute, one year in the George Washington University, and 14 years of experience in the National Institute of Dental Research. Joined DPMCDA in 1992.
  • Jurij Z. Mojsiak, M.S., - Clinical Trials Specialist
    Serves as project officer for clinical operations contracts and the National Institute on Drug Abuse/Veterans Affairs Interagency Agreement. Designs, initiates, directs and coordinates multi-center clinical trials. Nine years experience as a hospital-based research pharmacist and six years of experience as a clinical research coordinator and project manager (most recently with Immunomedics, Inc.). Joined DPMCDA in 1992.

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