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Photographers Represented

by the Selected Civil War Photographs

These are the known photographers. The identity of the creators of many of the photographs is unknown.

Barnard, George N. (1819-1902)

Betteson, N.B.

Bostwick, C.O.

Brady, Mathew B. (ca. 1823-1896)

Brady National Photographic Art Gallery (Washington, D.C.)

Cook, George S. (George Smith) (1819-1902)

Cooley, Sam S. (Samuel A.)

Gardner, Alexander (1821-1882)

Gardner, James (b. 1832)

Gibson, James F. (b. 1828)

Holmes, S.A. (Silas A.) (ca. 1820-1886)

Knox, David

Lilienthal, Theodore (1829-1894)

O'Sullivan, Timothy H. (1840-1882)

Pywell, Wm. R. (William Redish) (1843-1886)

Reekie, John

Scholten, J. A. (John A.) (1829-1886)

Smith, William Morris

Vannerson, Julian (b. 1827)

Whitehurst Gallery (Washington, D.C.)

Woodbury, D. B. (David B.) (d. 1866)

Young, J.A.

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