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ERA eLearning Classes

ERA Classes

NARA offers ERA e-Learning in three formats, as described below. You are encouraged to first complete the Tutorial, then watch the Demonstration and then take the Guided Practice:

  • Tutorial: Presents information about ERA in text and graphic form. The learner gains knowledge about various ERA functions and basic navigation.
  • Demonstration: The learner watches the operation of ERA as a user enters information and performs specific records scheduling and transfer tasks.
  • Guided Practice: ERA operation is simulated as the learner enters data for records scheduling and transfer tasks without being prompted by the e-Learning.
  • Helpful Hints:
    • Navigating in ERA - Provides ERA navigation tips, functions and features.
    • Searching in ERA - Provides tips for using Basic Search, Advanced Search, using wildcards to broaden search results and using filters to narrow search results.

Scheduling Records
This class is designed for those users who enter and manage records schedules in the ERA environment. Who should take this course? People fulfilling ERA roles of Records Scheduler, Records Scheduler (NARA), Records Appraiser (All levels), Certifying Official.

Transferring Records
This class is intended for those users who enter and manage transfer requests (TR) in the ERA environment. It also covers transferring electronic records using the ERA packaging tool and submitting electronic records to NARA using hypertext transfer protocol secure or secure file transfer protocol (HTTPS or SFTP). Who should take this course? People fulfilling ERA roles of Agency Approving Official, Transferring Official (Agency), Transferring Official (NARA), Transferring Entity (Agency), Transferring Entity (NARA).

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