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Neuroscience Consortium Members

Division of Basic Neuroscience and Behavior Research (DBNBR)

  • Aigner, Thomas, Ph.D.
  • Babecki, Beth
  • Colvis, Christine, Ph.D.
  • Espinoza, Christie
  • Frankenheim, Jerry, Ph.D.
  • Koustova, Elena, Ph.D.
  • Lawrence, Diane, Ph.D.
  • Lin, Geraline, Ph.D.
  • Lynch, Minda, Ph.D. - Chief, Behavioral and Cognitive Science Research Branch
  • Pilotte, Nancy, Ph.D. - Chief, Functional Neuroscience Research Branch
  • Pollock, Jonathan, Ph.D. - Chief, Genetics and Molecular Neurobiology Research Branch
  • Purohit, Vishnu, Ph.D.
  • Rapaka, Rao, Ph.D. - Chief, Chemistry and Physiological Systems Research Branch
  • Satterlee, John, Ph.D.
  • Schnur, Paul, Ph.D. - Deputy Director, DBNBR
  • Sears, Erica
  • Selmane, Myriam
  • Shurtleff, David, Ph.D. - Director, DBNBR
  • Skinner, Karen, Ph.D.
  • Sorensen, Roger, Ph.D., M.P.A.
  • Thomas, Dave, Ph.D.
  • Volman, Susan, Ph.D.
  • Wetherington, Cora Lee, Ph.D.
  • Wu, Da-Yu, Ph.D.

Division of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research (DCNBR)

  • Bjork, James, Ph.D.
  • Frascella, Joseph, Ph.D. - Director, DCNBR
  • Gordon, Harold, Ph.D.
  • Grant, Steven, Ph.D. - Chief, Clinical Neuroscience Program
  • Kautz, Mary, Ph.D. - Neuroscience Consortium Co-Chair
  • Lin, Yu (Woody), Ph.D.

Division of Pharmacotherapies and Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse (DPMCDA)

  • Acri, Jane, Ph.D. - Associate Chief, Medications Discovery & Toxicology Branch
  • Appel, Nathan, Ph.D.
  • Bough, Kristopher, Ph.D.
  • Davis Hirsch, M.A.
  • Herman, Barbara, Ph.D.
  • Kline, Richard (Rik), Ph.D.
  • McCann, David, Ph.D. - Acting Director
  • Montoya, Ivan, M.P.H., M.D. - Deputy Director (acting), DPMCDA
  • Shih, Ming, Ph.D.
  • White, David, Ph.D.

Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research (DESPR)

  • Denisco, Richard, M.D.
  • Ginexi, Liz, Ph.D.

Center for the Clinical Trials Network (CCTN)

  • Ghitza, Udi, Ph.D.
  • Michel, Mary Ellen, Ph.D.

Office of Science Policy and Communications (OSPC)

  • Baler, Ruben, Ph.D.
  • Dowling, Gayathri, Ph.D. - Deputy Chief, Science Policy Branch
  • Sasek, Cathrine, Ph.D. - Neuroscience Consortium Co-Chair
  • Weiss, Susan, Ph.D. - Chief, Science Policy Branch

Office of Extramural Affairs (OEA)

  • Green, Mark, Ph.D. - Deputy Director, OEA
  • Hiremath, Meena, Ph.D.
  • Lazar-Wesley, Eliane, Ph.D.
  • McLaughlin, Gerald, Ph.D. - Chief, Grants Review Branch
  • Rogers, Nadine, Ph.D.
  • Ruiz, Jose, Ph.D.

Office of Planning and Resource Management (OPRM)

  • Fleming, Pam - Chief, Grants Management Branch
  • Wertz, Deborah

Intramural Research Program (IRP)

  • Newman, Amy, Ph.D. - Acting Scientific Director, IRP

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    Featured Publication

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