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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

For Consumers

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English Publications

The FDA Office of Women’s Health (OWH) has developed over 40 FREE publications designed to give women timely health information in a clear, easy-to-read format.  There are over 30 fact sheets and brochures that provide basic information-at-a-glance about a range of health issues like heart disease, cosmetics, menopause, mammography, asthma, and safe medication use. There are also ten medication booklets that list all FDA-approved products for several common health conditions affecting women. The booklets give vital information such as brand and generic names, general side effects and warnings, and questions to ask your health care provider. 


To order free bulk copies, go to:http://promotions.usa.gov/f06owhcard.html

To view or download, click on one of the links on this page.


Medication BookletsFull-Color Version
Birth Control: Medicines To Help YouPDF 924 KB
Birth Control: Medicines To Help You (Printer Friendly)PDF 376 KB
Birth Control PosterPDF 228 KB
Cholesterol: Medicines To Help YouPDF 533 KB
Depression: Medicines To Help YouPDF 800 KB
Diabetes MedicinesPDF 518 KB
High Blood Pressure:Medicines To Help YouPDF 533 KB
HIV and AIDS:Medicines To Help You 
InsulinPDF 778 KB
Menopause:Medicines To Help YouPDF 410 KB
Smoking: Medicines To Help YouPDF 230 KB
Your Glucose MeterPDF 829 KB


Fact Sheets and BrochuresFull-Color Version
AllergiesPDF 108KB
Antibiotic ResistancePDF 108KB
ArthritisPDF 108KB
AsthmaPDF 108KB
Buying Contact Lenses OnlinePDF 119KB
CholesterolPDF 109KB
Clinical TrialsPDF 101KB
Contact Lens CarePDF 119KB
CosmeticsPDF 222KB
DepressionPDF 108KB
DiabetesPDF 112KB
Dietary SupplementsPDF 117KB
FDA Milestones In Women's HealthPDF 1.62 MB
Flu (Influenza)PDF 359KB
Food Safety at HomePDF 118KB
Generic DrugsPDF 107KB
Hair Dye and Hair RelaxersPDF 110KB
Health ScamsPDF 1865KB
Heart DiseasePDF 108KB
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)PDF 109KB
HPV (human papillomavirus)PDF 109KB
Loss of Bladder ControlPDF 111KB
MammographyPDF 255KB
Medicine and PregnancyPDF 201KB
My Medicines Brochure (flowers)PDF 6427KB
My Medicines Brochure (gender neutral)PDF 274KB
My Medicines - Fill Out and Print (new)PDF 1.5 MB
Menopause and HormonesPDF 437 KB
Menopause and Hormones (Purse Guide)PDF 494KB
OsteoporosisPDF 109KB
Over-the-Counter DrugsPDF 107KB
Pink Ribbon Sunday GuidePDF 1000KB
Sleep ProblemsPDF 186KB
Sunscreens and TanningPDF 218KB
Tattoos and Permanent Make-upPDF 346KB
Using Medicines WiselyPDF 107KB




Contact FDA

Food and Drug Administration Office of Women's Health

10903 New Hampshire Avenue


Silver Spring, MD 20993