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Take proactive actions through contracting to ensure that all Digital Communications products Electronic and Information Technology meet accessibility standards.


Digital Communications Products

Buying services to create a Website, video, online tool, or file that may be posted to the Web?

Section 508 helps ensure that individuals with disabilities have full access Web-delivered information and fully utilize Web-based tools and services. Section 508 requirements apply to Web sites, including all forms of information and posted content, as well as any associated applications including Web or media.

Ensure that communications products produced or delivered by contractors or consultants meet applicable Section 508 accessibility standards and are suitable for posting to an HHS Web site by including applicable language in Statements of Work (SOW) or Performance Work Statements (PWS).


Technology Products

Buying a software or Web application, telecommunications device, printer, etc.? 

Section 508 requires that, when Federal agencies develop, procure, maintain, or use Electronic and Information Technology (EIT), that individuals with disabilities who are Federal employees have access to information comparable to the access Federal employees without disabilities; and that members of the public with disabilities also have comparable access when seeking information from a Federal agency.