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Four Tips to Avoid Drinking, Drugs, and Driving

Sara Bellum

Okay, say you’re at a party. The friends you came with have been drinking, but you haven’t. When it’s time to head home, you’re nervous—you’ve heard all about drunk driving and how dangerous it is. So, what would you do to protect yourself and your friends?  Do you have a plan to deal with situations like this?

Now, what would you do if your friends had been smoking pot instead of drinking? It turns out “drugged driving” can be just as dangerous. Someone who’s been smoking pot or doing other drugs puts everyone at risk, including themselves, when they get behind the wheel. They have slower reflexes and so can’t respond as well in an emergency. In fact, if you look at car crashes where the driver is killed, about 1 in 5 involves drugs other than alcohol (like marijuana).

Usually, drugged drivers have been drinking alcohol, too—making them doubly dangerous on the road. Research shows that driving under the influence of both marijuana and alcohol is riskier than with alcohol or marijuana alone.

Look, it’s hard to go against the group. But the last thing we want to do is see our friends get hurt, arrested, or even killed. So, what can we do?

Here are some ideas:

  • Stay smart and speak up. Remember that the effects of marijuana and alcohol last for hours, so even if your friends haven’t had a drink in a while, it could still be dangerous for them to drive. If you are in a healthy state of mind and have your driver’s licence on you, ask for the keys and get the group home safely.
  • Find another ride. Try to find another sober friends to give you a lift.
  • Call someone to pick you up. Okay, so you might not want to call Mom or Dad to get you from a party; but chances are, they’ll be happier that you called them rather than put yourself in a dangerous situation. You also could call another family member.
  • Crash at the host’s house. If possible, wait it out until morning and stay put. Just make sure to let someone know where you are and that you are safe.

The best advice: Plan ahead. If you know people will be drinking, pick a “designated driver” before you head out. Better yet, throw your own booze-free bash!

Read more facts and stats about impaired driving.

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Never let your friends drive while drinking. Because if you get stopped then you can be arrested, if you have a wreck then you would both die, well could die. don't drink and dive. drugs

thats some dumb s---!!! two years back i was out in a friends car and i let him drive. he was high as h---!!! i am lucky to not be paralyzed. we got i about the worst accident of my life. and i've been in more than enough! its no joke!

is drangeous, for the live

People that drink and do drugs while going out on the road is not very smart to be doing that!

Im using this website to do a project and some of these stories are really inspiring!

I coudnt agree more Morgan!! i am also doing this for a project.. and i am getting super inspired!!!! I know now how dangerous it is to drink and drive.

good tips written by you, while driving time these precautions will help very much, these also may help to bring awareness 'n educate people to take of themselves.



As a psychologist, i know that when someone is a teenager, all of us know, only wants to go against the adult advices because it makes ourselves better "teenager" but there is onther way to be a better "teenager" and it is following the 4 tips the post say.




This so true and i could say no in a heart beat!!!! they are sooo! bad for you never drugs people!!!!! Seiricous!!


i dont like the idea of drugs!!!!!

people die and get hurt nearly half of americans are adiccted to drinking and other drugs tha can lead to an illness or cancer and dieing!!!!!!!

I don't like drinking and drivingggg.My friend got killeeed in a drinking and driving stage:(.I don't like drinking eithier it's bad for you.

Dudes out their DON'T do drugs it messes you up!!


People if you are reading this DON'T DRINK WHILE DRIVING.And it get's additing.

If you ever try it an get addicted well thats your fault one day you can tell your children not to do this and if they do and get sick well hopefully the doctor can cure them and you

I'm also do a project and im amazed!!!!

i love drinking and driving while smoking pottttt

If you are attending for a party and you brought a car, don't let yourself drunk for you to be home safely. There are many people who died because of driving even though their drunk. Let's avoid it everyone!

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Great Job. I appreciate you addressing this issue. Once a person kills themslef, or someone else, it's too late. If one person reads your blog and is reached by it, you will have possibly saved a life. Again, Great job.

I am a drug user and I really would like to stop using them but when everything goes wrong I go to the drugs. But it seems like I have been using them a lot these past couple months. Because I been in and out of fights with my mother and my ex-girlfriends. I been doing the drug DOPE and K2 a lot these past couple months. Like right now I need someone to help me out with the problems I been having. Can SomeOne Give Me advice please?????

Sounds like you’re realizing that drugs have become more of a problem than a help in your life, which is a good first step toward a new direction. You might try to talk to a trusted adult in your life or use one of these anonymous resources:
· The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK)—a crisis hotline that can help with a lot of issues, not just suicide.
· The Treatment Referral Helpline (1-800-662-HELP), which refers callers to treatment facilities, support groups, and other local organizations that can provide help for their specific need.
· You can also locate treatment centers in your state by going to
Please reach out to at least one of these resources. DOPE and K2 are REALLY dangerous. And, you never know what you are actually taking.

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