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Let's Talk: How Do You Avoid Peer Pressure?

Sara Bellum

Peer pressure comes in many different forms. You might feel it in group situations, or you might have friends who try to get you to do things that make you uneasy, like smoke cigarettes, steal your parents' prescription medications, cheat on a test, or skip school.

It's hard to stand up for what you believe when everyone else is pushing something different. It's hard for adults, and it's especially hard for teens. So how do you do it—how do you resist peer pressure? What ideas do you have for staying true to you?

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Just say No, and walk away!!

One of the best things to do is have a friend or sibling who can drive to come pick you up if youre in any situations where there is peer pressure

Resisting peer pressure can be done by choosing the right friends to hang out with. Your friends are the people who decide whether or not to struggle with peer pressure. Choosing good friends influence you to be yourself. If your friends pressure you to do something that you are not interested in, then do not prove to be your true friends. True friends are always with you and motivate you to do good things. They respect your deeds and help in expressing yourself. Above all, true friends never motivate you to do things that are destructive to yourself or others.

I resist peer pressure by hanging out with friends who won't force me to do stuff.

You can find friends that keep you strong and also ones who are not into drugs and smoking.

You should just do the right thing, even if other people aren't. In the end, they will just be in a worse situation than you.

I think that a good way to avoid peer pressure is to just walk away from anybody that tries to pressure you into using drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

I resist peer pressure by picking the right friends that i may not have that problem with. I might just walk away and tell them no and that its not right to do so.

To avoid peer pressure I would surround myself with people who don't do bad things or want me to. I think that it is best to avoid the temptation and situation by avoid people that will take you down a bad road.

just stay away from it and hang out with good friends. say no

You have to pick the right friends and I don't really listen or take peer pressure seriously.

peer pressure is a really sad thing and i am up to stand against teens thinking they have to do things to be cool or because there friends are doing it.

When you under peer pressure you could use refusal skills to help you make a decision on weather to go along with your peers or decline it.

Peer pressure is hard to avoid. It is all around you. This is why you need to work on your refusal skills.

I tell my peers i'm not really going to trust that stuff. I'm not going to mess up my life on taking or doing stuff. I want my life to be good and not all horrible and on drugs or anything.

How I deal with peer pressure is by picking the right friends in the first place. I find friends who believe what I believe in, and can have a good time without getting in trouble. If I were ever offered to smoke, drink, or anything of that nature, I would probably just say no or walk away. I don't like to make it complicated with long explanations and I think that they would understand that I don't want to take part in tobacco or alcohol. For me it is just easiest to say no.

Peer pressure is a growing problem, and sometimes it is sort of hard for me to avoid it. But I usually just walk away or ignore them. If one of my close friends tries to persuade me, I think about finding better friends who won't push me to do something I don't want to do. Anyone knows a good friend wouldn't force you to d something. I don't really try to argue with someone if they try to persuade me because I don't like getting involved with that sort of thing which could easily result in threats or fights. I think teens everywhere should really be aware of who they hang out with because sooner than they may think, they will be pushed into something they don't want to do.

You can't really avoid peer pressure. It is all around you in media, school, and just everyday situations. If I were someone who is being pressured into doing something, such as alcohol/drug abuse, I would not walk away. Instead I would confront the person who is offering the drink/drug and ask them why they would want to do it. Then I would tell them all of the bad things that come with drinking and doing drugs and this would hopefully persuade them to stop pushing it on me and stop doing it themselves.

smoking is bad for you and i think it should be illigel because it kills you and it can get to the piont were when you get a cold it gets hard to breath and then you die

My comment is that you should try to Avoid Peer Pressure and think in your mind that you hate Peer Pressure you never wants Peer Pressure. If its not working then you should make friend who choose to not use it. And if your other friend who also trying to Avoid then you and your friend should try together to Avoid Peer Pressure.

I pick friends who do not choose stupid choices. If I encounter someone who makes poor decisions I just disregard them. Also if they ask me to try something over and over again all I do is ignore them and walk away.

If i see someone who does drugs i would refusal.

just do what you want to do and do not let any one let you think that you should do anything else.

I think about how it will back fire in the future.

Pick friends who don't pressure you to do things that you don't want to do.

I resist peer pressure by not hanging out with the people who do bad things and make bad choices.

just say no and think possitive.

I think it is important not to be around people who try to make you do things and if you are, then you should have someone else there that will stand up for you.

I would not listen to what they are saying and go my own ways.

I think it is true that it's hard to stand up for what you think is right. Some people give in to peer pressure, but often they find out later that it was the biggest mistake of their lives.

In order to resist peer pressure you must be assertive and firm in your decision to not participate in drug use. You need to let the other person know that there is no way you will listen to them. If they continue to pressure you, simply walk away.

I resist peer pressure by ignoring the people who are pressuring me to do something. It's really not that hard if you just learn block out the bad things.

When I am under peer pressure I just tell my friends no and say that we should do something else. If they are good friends they will understand.

I just think of myself and what damages i may be doing to myself. i try to think about where i would be in 10 years if i did start smoking or started taking drugs. I also set a goal to myself and i follow through until i can get to my goal. Starting to smoke or take drugs certainly would ruin my chances of ever reaching that goal.

You think about the consequences and remind yourself that it doesn't matter what your friends do.

I would stand up to peer pressure by knowing what it can do to your life and thinking about the consiquenses.

I walk away or tell them no. You should have a plan in mind of what you're going to do before they ever ask you. Then you know what to say at the time.

you can use refusal skills.

you can resist by not hanging out with the people who do that kind of stuff.

I think about where i will be in 10 years and i say i will be a rockstar. Many rockstars smoke and take drugs all of my idols do. but i think what if i could be a future rockstars idol 1 that doen't smoke and does not take drugs and what impact i can make on rockstars of the far future.

@Steven Boepple Great goals. You may want to see an example of how other musicians who have chosen this path are taking a public stand:

You just say no. Whenever the people around you are doing something that you know they shouldn't, and they ask you to join, say no. Do what you think you should do in the situation.

To avoid peer pressure, just try not to hang out with people who do things you don't think is right or agree with.

The way I resist peer pressure is i just simply say no. My idea of staying true is I just walk away if some one asked me to take a hit of either tobacco or weed.

I don't really resist peer pressure. i just have to stay in the right crowd. I also have to know my refusal skills

you could use refusal skills and expect a situation like this to happen in the future and prepare for it now.

Just say no and walk away. There is nothing hard about it.

I pick good friends. Or just say no. If i have friends who do that stuff then they usually know that i ma not that kind of person who smokes or does drugs so they dont even ask me. If they ever do, i just let them know that i dont like that kind of stuff and just tell that that we could do something instead of that.

When someone tries to get me to do something bad i just walk away. Sometimes i even just tell the off. Like just say leave me alone u freak.

When someone try's to get me to do a bad thing I just walk away.


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