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Covered Entities

Who must comply with HIPAA privacy standards?

When is a researcher considered to be a covered health care provider under HIPAA?

Are State, county or local health departments required to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule?

Are the following types of insurance covered under HIPAA: long/short term disability; workers' compensation; automobile liability that includes coverage for medical payments?

Is an entity that is acting as a third party administrator to a group health plan a covered entity?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) collects medical records when making disability determinations for both title II (Disability Insurance) and title XVI (Supplemental Security Income, SSI) of the Social Security Act. Is SSA a covered entity (e.g., a health plan)?

HIPAA allows "small health plans, " defined as health plans having annual receipts of $5 million or less, an additional year (in the case of the Privacy Rule, until April 14, 2004) to come into compliance. How should a health plan determine what receipts to use to decide whether it qualifies as a "small health plan?"

Is a flexible spending account or a cafeteria plan a covered entity for purposes of the Privacy Rule and the other HIPAA, Title II, Administrative Simplification standards?

Were there Privacy Rule compliance deadlines in 2004?

Must all small health plans comply with the Privacy Rule?

I’m an employer that offers a fully insured group health plan for my employees. Is the fully insured group health plan subject to all of the Privacy Rule provisions?

Is this the first time small health plans are required to comply with HIPAA?

Does the April 14, 2004, deadline for small health plan compliance with the Privacy Rule impose any new or additional requirements on health plans that are already subject to compliance with the Privacy Rule?

As an employer, I sponsor a group health plan for my employees. Am I a covered entity under HIPAA?

Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule limit what a doctor can do with a family medical history?

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