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10/4/2011 Congressional Members and Staff Turn to NCI for Cancer Research Information
10/4/2011 Cyber-Seminar Will Address Cancer Control and Prevention for Latino Populations
10/4/2011 NCI Updates Online Dietary Recall Tool
9/6/2011 Research to Reality Cyber-Seminar: Guide to Community Preventive Services
8/9/2011 Computer System for Reading Mammograms Does Not Appear to Improve Detection of Cancer
8/9/2011 Higher Breast Density Linked to Increased Cancer Risk and Aggressive Tumors
8/9/2011 New Guidance for Personalized Breast Cancer Screening
8/9/2011 Redesigned HINTS Web Site Launches
7/26/2011 You Are Not Alone: Confronting the Psychosocial Challenges of Cancer in AYAs
7/26/2011 For Many Young Cancer Survivors, Late Effects Pose Lasting Problems
7/26/2011 Addressing Fertility Concerns for AYA Cancer Patients
7/26/2011 Health Insurance Poses a Hurdle for Many AYA Survivors
7/26/2011 The HOPE Study: Collecting Population-Based Data on AYAs with Cancer
7/12/2011 Clinically Relevant Family Histories of Cancer Change Over Time
6/29/2011 Telephone Workshop for Cancer Survivors to Focus on Late Effects
6/29/2011 Studying Epidemiological Risk Factors of Meningioma
6/29/2011 New Graphic Tobacco Warning Labels Backed by Research
6/14/2011 Research to Reality Cyber-Seminar will Feature Community Impact Program
5/31/2011 Upcoming Cancer Survivors Workshop to Address Stress Management for Caregivers
5/31/2011 End-of-Life Care for Lung Cancer Patients Differs In U.S. and Ontario
5/17/2011 Straight from the Source: Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes
5/17/2011 Study Finds Colonoscopy Screening Overused in Medicare Beneficiaries
5/17/2011 Patient Reports of Family Cancer History Are Often Inaccurate, Study Finds
5/3/2011 Second Telephone Workshop for Cancer Survivors Addresses Weight Changes
5/3/2011 Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Use for Breast Cancer Influenced by Reimbursement
5/3/2011 Tool Compares Benefits, Risks of Using Raloxifene or Tamoxifen to Prevent Breast Cancer
5/3/2011 Registry of Measures for Childhood Obesity Research Available
5/3/2011 Use and Acceptance of HPV Vaccine Still a Work in Progress
4/5/2011 NIH Research Plan Aims to Prevent and Treat Obesity
4/5/2011 Latest Surveillance Data Show Cancer Cases and Deaths Continue to Decline
4/5/2011 Free Telephone Workshop Series for Cancer Survivors
3/22/2011 Menthol Cigarettes Adversely Affect Public Health, FDA Advisory Committee Finds
3/22/2011 U.S. Cancer Survivors Increase to Nearly 12 Million
3/8/2011 High Rates of Human Papillomavirus Infection Found in Men
3/8/2011 NCI Launches Interactive Cancer Control Community of Practice
3/8/2011 Reenergizing the Agenda for Cancer Communication
2/22/2011 Dr. Robin Yabroff
2/22/2011 Certain Physicians Are More Likely To Refer Patients to Clinical Trials
2/8/2011 Experts Discuss National Cancer Communications Plan
2/8/2011 Directory of Surveillance Data for Obesity Research Available
1/25/2011 A Conversation with Dr. Angela Mariotto and Dr. Martin Brown on the Rising Costs of Cancer Care
1/11/2011 Treatment for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Varies Substantially
1/11/2011 Preserving Fertility While Battling Cancer
12/14/2010 New Surgeon General's Report Outlines How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease
12/14/2010 Screening Compliance, Stage of Cancers Detected Vary by Demographic
12/14/2010 Hormone Therapy for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Declines When Medicare Reimbursements Are Reduced
12/14/2010 Study Shows Strong Link between Obesity and Mortality
11/30/2010 NCI’s International Cancer Research Resources
11/30/2010 Strategy to Screen for Lynch Syndrome May Save Lives and Be Cost Effective
11/30/2010 NCI Recovery Act Web Site Highlights NCI’s Smoking Cessation Program
11/16/2010 HHS Releases New Tobacco Control Strategy for the Nation
10/19/2010 Meet NCI Experts at APHA
10/19/2010 Hormone Therapy Linked to Modest Increase in Breast Cancer Deaths
10/19/2010 Cancer Screening Continues Even after Patients Are Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer
10/5/2010 Studies Provide New Data on Mammography and Breast Cancer Mortality
10/5/2010 Experts Urge Further Research on Nicotine Reduction to Decrease Tobacco Addiction
9/21/2010 Men with Low PSA Levels May Not Benefit from Further Prostate Cancer Screening
9/21/2010 Register for Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T. Cyber-seminars on Program Dissemination
9/21/2010 Drug Protects Heart in Children Receiving Common Chemotherapy
9/7/2010 Glasgow Named DCCPS Deputy Director
6/29/2010 Cancer Survivorship Research Conference: Recovery and Beyond
6/29/2010 Guidelines Urge Exercise for Cancer Patients, Survivors
6/29/2010 Study Finds Poor Physician Adherence to Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines
6/29/2010 Also in the Journals: Cancer Affects Many Parents Living with Children Younger Than 18
6/1/2010 A Conversation with Drs. Deborah Winn and Shelia Zahm about Environmental Cancer Risks
6/1/2010 Tanning Bed Study Shows Strongest Evidence Yet of Increased Melanoma Risk
5/18/2010 Talking About Trials: Overcoming Bottlenecks in Clinical Communication
5/18/2010 Additional Clinical Trials Resources
5/4/2010 Second Telephone Workshop for Cancer Survivors on May 18
4/20/2010 House Committee Convenes Hearing on Smokeless Tobacco
4/6/2010 A Conversation with Dr. Robert T. Croyle on Communicating Science
3/9/2010 People Continue to Trust Physicians, Despite Increasing Health Information Online
2/23/2010 Preventing Cancer by Taking Steps to Reduce Childhood Obesity
2/9/2010 Experts Recommend Steps to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Primary Care
1/26/2010 Online Resource on Menthol and Tobacco Now Available from NCI
1/26/2010 Chinese and American Scientists Meet to Discuss Environmental Causes of Cancer
12/1/2009 Oncology Training Resources
11/17/2009 Hormone Therapy Use Linked to Benign Breast Condition
11/17/2009 Modeling for Research Success
11/17/2009 Exploring the Reasons Women Choose Mastectomies
11/17/2009 Independent Task Force Updates Recommendations on Breast Cancer Screening
11/3/2009 Primary Care Physicians’ Pap Test Screening Recommendations And Practices: Findings From A National Survey
11/3/2009 Smokefree Women Launches Campaign on Twitter
11/3/2009 A New Face for
11/3/2009 Nicotine Patch and Lozenge Combination Helps Smokers Quit for Longer
11/3/2009 Personalized Phone Counseling Helps Teens Quit Smoking
11/3/2009 Entering a New Era in Tobacco Control Research
10/20/2009 Does Mammography Sometimes Detect Too Much Breast Cancer?
10/20/2009 Experts Testify on Pending Breast Cancer Legislation
10/6/2009 New Statistical Software Aids Health Disparities Research
10/6/2009 Searchable Database for Cancer Control Publications Now Available
10/6/2009 Adapting Capsule Endoscopy for Colorectal Cancer Screening
9/8/2009 NCI Tobacco Control Monograph Addresses Genetics of Nicotine Dependence
9/8/2009 Weight Lifting Improves Lymphedema Symptoms after Breast Cancer
9/8/2009 A Conversation about Personal Genomic Tests with Dr. Muin Khoury
9/8/2009 Primary Care Providers and Oncologists: Finding the Right Mix for Patients
9/8/2009 Study Questions Value of Prostate Cancer Screening
8/11/2009 Dr. William Klein to Lead NCI's Behavioral Research Program
8/11/2009 Blood Type Influences Pancreatic Cancer Risk
7/28/2009 FDA Issues Warning on Electronic Cigarettes
7/14/2009 Cutting Calories to Prevent Cancer
7/14/2009 Cancer Doctors Urged to Discuss Treatment Costs with Patients
6/30/2009 Profiles in Cancer Research: Dr. Bryce Reeve
6/30/2009 FDA Will Regulate Tobacco Under New Law
6/16/2009 Among the Elderly, Adverse Events from Colonoscopy Are Rare
6/2/2009 Through Play, Kids and Families Cope with Cancer
6/2/2009 Freedman Named a DCCPS Branch Chief
6/2/2009 U.S. and Canada Collaborate on Cancer Control Web Portal
5/19/2009 Smokefree Women Web Site Launched
5/19/2009 Comparative Effectiveness Research Stirs Excitement as Well as Debate
5/5/2009 Telephone Workshop Series for Cancer Survivors
5/5/2009 Cancer Incidence Could Rise Sharply in Coming Decades
5/5/2009 Electronic Health Records Emerging as Important Care, Research Tool
5/5/2009 Computational Modeling Paints a Picture of the Future
4/7/2009 Cancer Survivors and Their Doctors Have Different Expectations about Care
3/24/2009 Helping Survivors of Childhood Cancer Quit Smoking
3/24/2009 Delving Into Possible Mechanisms for Chemobrain
3/24/2009 In Talking about Prostate Cancer, Medical Language May Confuse Some Patients
3/24/2009 No Definitive Answers from Initial Results of Prostate Screening Trials
3/10/2009 Collaborative Initiative Will Tackle Obesity among Youth
2/24/2009 Liver Cancer Incidence Continues Steep Climb
2/10/2009 HINTS Identifies Hispanic Information-seeking Trends
2/10/2009 New Dietary Data Available Online
2/10/2009 NHANES Dietary Web Tutorial Guides Data Users
2/10/2009 Health Groups Hail Increase in Federal Tobacco Taxes
2/10/2009 Costs Force Some Cancer Survivors to Pass on Health Care
1/27/2009 Elizabeth Gillarnders named chief of EGRP's Host Susceptibility Factors Branch
1/27/2009 Federal Physical Activity Guidelines: Focus on cancer
1/13/2009 Validated Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool Available Online
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