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The Central Fax Service provides electronic facsimile capability to email users at NIH. With the Central Fax Service, all NIH users can send and receive faxes directly to and from the desktop more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional faxing. Increased productivity, reduced equipment, supply costs, and telecommunications fees are the benefits the Central Fax Service can bring to ICs.

This service is provided only to NIH employees, authorized NIH contractors, and other official users of CIT services.

Sending a fax

Local Fax Number 9-AreaCode-Fax-Number e.g. 9-301-123-4567
Long Distance Fax Number 9-1-AreaCode-Fax-Number e.g. 9-1-404-123-4567
International Fax Number 9-011-CountryCode-Fax-Number e.g. 9-011-85-228584620

How to send a fax 

  1. In your email application, open a new email message.
  2. In the To field, enter the fax address in the following format:
    where UserName is the name of your fax recipient and faxnumber is the recipient's fax number.
    For example: To: 
  3. In the Subject field, enter a subject. In the body of the email, add your comments.
  4. If what you want to fax is a separate document, attach the file that you want to fax to the email.
  5. Click Send.   

Receiving a Fax

To receive a fax, do the following:

  1. Contact the NIH IT Service Desk to request an inbound fax number. Note: The NIH Central Fax Service is a shared service, which means there are not enough eFax numbers for every individual at NIH to have their own number simultaneously. Please consider having an eFax number assigned to a resource mailbox or email distribution list for your team's shared use.
  2. Once you get your inbound fax number, someone can send you a fax and it will be automatically placed in your email inbox. To view the faxed document, click on the attached image. Or you can print, store, forward, or fax it to someone else.

Removing your eFax number

If you find that you are not making regular use of your inbound eFax number, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk and ask them to remove your inbound eFax number so that it can be re-assigned.

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This page last reviewed: September 17, 2012