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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

As a customer focused organization, we need to know that we are meeting your expectations.  To accomplish this, we’ve created bi-yearly, easy-to-answer customer surveys that address a few of our services each time.  The surveys are sent to randomly selected NIH employees and contractors; no person should receive more than one survey per year.

Below you will find the survey, analysis, and what CIT is doing to improve these areas.

If you have any questions, please contact the CIT Communications Office at 301-496-6203.

November 2010
CIT surveyed approximately 15,000 NIH customers on the following services:
  • Messaging
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless Services
  • Remote Access
  • Collaboration/Video Conferencing

Survey Results
What CIT is doing to improve these areas

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011