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Auditory/Stem Cell Workshop Report

Explores the feasibility of reparative restoration of auditory and vestibular function. August 2001.

Auditory/Vestibular Cell Lineage and Development Workshop Report (PDF*)

Discusses the present and future state of cell lineage and development research in the auditory and vestibular systems. August 2002.

Characterization of Auditory Performance and Intervention Strategies Following Neonatal Hearing Screening Working Group Report

This second workshop of the NIDCD Working Group on Early Identification of Hearing Impairment identified some of the research opportunities offered by neonatal hearing screening programs. March 1998.

Communicating Informed Consent to Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (Online only)

Working Group Report. Discusses issues of language and cultural difference and interpretation in obtaining informed consent for research studies.

Communicating the Need for Follow-up to Improve Outcomes of Newborn Hearing Screening Workgroup Report (PDF*)

Defines the issues involved and provides recommendations for hearing health professionals on communicating follow-up. July 2001.

Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection and Hearing Loss Workshop Report

Presents current research and discusses degree to which cytomegalovirus infection contributes to hearing loss in children. March 2002.

Early Identification of Hearing Impairment Working Group Report

Third NIDCD Working Group on Early Identification of Hearing Impairment focused on the critical research needs in the area of early identification of hearing impairment. September 2000.

Early Identification of Hearing Impairment on Acceptable Protocols for Use in State-Wide Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs Workshop Report

Recommendations from an NIDCD Working Group on a system of universal hearing screening within newborn nurseries. September 1997.

Human Temporal Bone Research Workshop Report

Identifies funding issues and requirements for Laboratory training and supports. September 12 2003.

NIDCD Strategic Plan 2012-2016

The five-year Strategic Plan is designed to help the NIDCD prioritize its research funding by identifying areas of outstanding promise and gaps in knowledge.

Otitis Media: New Approaches for Analysis, Treatment, and Prevention Working Group Report

Discusses the need for alternative approaches to the treatment of otitis media. November 2000.

Role of Transgenic and Knockout Studies in Understanding Sensory-Motor Performance in Altered Gravitational Environments Workshop Report

This workshop explored the viability of studying the effects of altered gravitational exposure on sensory-motor function in genetically altered experimental model systems. June 1999.

Strategic Plan on Reducing Health Disparities

Describes several research opportunities to understand the basis for health disparities within the purview of NIDCD.

The Role of Neuroimaging in the Study of Aphasia Recovery and Rehabilitation: Research Needs and Opportunities: Summary and Recommendations

This workshop focused on three major areas: neuroplasticity and recovery of function; neuroanatomical and neurophysiological correlates of language processing in brain damaged individuals, using neuroimaging techniques; and recovery of language function and neuroimaging. May 2002.

Universal Reporting Parameters for the Speech of Individuals with Cleft Palate Workshop Report (Online only)

This workshop reports on further development and refinement of the universal reporting parameter system. April-May 2004.

Translational Research in Hearing and Balance Workshop Report

This report discusses translational research as related to hearing and balance and identifies barriers to and opportunities in translational research. April 2004.



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