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Research Funding

NIAID Email Alerts Subscription Center

Register to receive instant emails for NIAID Funding Newsletter, new initiatives, concepts, policy notices through our newsletter, and more.

How to Subscribe

To view and adjust your signups, enter your email address at Quick Subscribe.

  1. Find the Research Funding header for items such as funding opportunities. We describe them below.
  2. Pick your topics of interest. You can also pick NIAID's other offerings.
  3. After you sign up for NIAID's topics, you'll have the option to sign up for topics from other government agencies.
  4. When you're done, save and exit.
  5. To unsubscribe, go back to Quick Subscribe and uncheck the areas you're no longer interested in.

Research Funding Topics

By subscribing to one or more of the following areas, you will receive an Email Alert as follows:

  • Concepts, Potential Funding Opportunities—when we post Council-cleared concepts.
  • Fiscal Year Paylines—when we post a new actual payline (we don't send messages for interim paylines).
  • Newsletter, NIAID Funding Newsletter—for every newsletter issue or special newsletter notice.
  • Top Policy Changes—when we update the Top Policy Changes page. 
  • Funding Opportunities—when we publish a new funding opportunity matching your choices:
    • Multiproject Research Grants (e.g., program projects and cooperative agreements)
    • R&D Contracts (requests for proposals and broad agency announcements)
    • Single Project Research Grants (e.g., R01 and R21)
    • Small Business Awards (SBIR and STTR)
    • Training (T), Career (K), and Fellowship (F) Awards


Last Updated August 22, 2012

Last Reviewed December 28, 2009