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Interactive, engaging course with four 10-minute, realistic video cases

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This interactive, engaging course offers four 10-minute, realistic video cases. CME/CE credits for nurses and physicians are offered through Medscape®

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PowerPoint™ slide show


This 80-slide PowerPoint™ show helps instructors to present the content of the Guide to students and professionals in general medicine and mental health fields. It takes viewers step-by-step through the Guide's process for alcohol screening and brief intervention and showcases the helpful materials in the appendix. To access the slide views without animation, viewers may download a PDF version.

Manuals from Project COMBINE


Although designed with the research community in mind, these manuals hold a wealth of guidance for clinicians in general medical or mental health practices who wish to offer (1) medication management support for patients prescribed a medication for alcohol dependence or (2) state-of-the-art specialized alcohol counseling.

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Alcohol Alerts and Alcohol Research & Health Publications


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Rethinking Drinking  

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