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Clause Required for Orders With NIH Contractors Who Use NIH E-Mail Services

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Due to a policy change affecting NIH contractors who use NIH e-mail services, all purchase and delivery orders that may require contractors to send e-mails must include the following clause:

All contractor staff that have access to and use of NIH e-mail must identify themselves as contractors on all outgoing e-mail messages, including those that are sent in reply or are forwarded to another user. To best comply with this requirement, the contractor staff shall set up an e-mail signature (“AutoSignature”) or an electronic business card (“V-card”) on each contract user’s computer system and/or personal digital assistant (PDA) that will automatically display “Contractor” in the signature area of all e-mails sent by the user.

The policy change referenced above requires “contractor” designations in NIH e-mail addresses and NIH e-mail messages. This policy change was implemented to safeguard against potential disclosures of e-mail messages that may contain privileged, sensitive, or confidential information.

This policy is incorporated in NIH Workforms under SECTION H, in an Article entitled, "ACCESS TO NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH (NIH) ELECTRONIC MAIL." The current version of the NIH Workforms can be accessed at: http://oamp.od.nih.gov/DGS/DGS_Handbook.html.

All current IT Security and Acquisition policies and procedures must be changed to reflect this new requirement.

Please consult the NIH Help Desk at 301-496-4357 for technical assistance. For all Acquisition related questions affecting this new requirement you may call either the Purchase Card Helpline at 301-435-6606 or the DELPRO/Simplified Acquisition Helpline at 301-496-0400.