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Section 508 Exemption for a One-Time Purchase of $2,500 or Less

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The exemption for a one-time purchase that totals $2,500 or less, including using government purchase cards, has been extended. The new expiration date is April 1, 2005. There will be no further extensions.

This exemption is for a one-time purchase that totals $2,500 or less, made on the open market as opposed to under an existing contract. Even though a one-time micro-purchase has been authorized, you are still required to comply with the applicable accessibility standards to the maximum extent practicable.

Section 508 requires Electronic and Information Technology (such as hardware, software, printers and accessible data such as web pages), fax machines, copiers to be accessible to people with disabilities. Task and delivery orders placed against an IDIQ contract, BPA purchases, purchase orders, purchase card buys and orders from UNICOR, and NIB/NISH, are required to conform with Section 508.

It is the responsibility of the individual purchasing the equipment to ask vendors if software, computers, fax machines, printers or copiers are in conformance with Section 508 requirements. If the vendor is unsure they should be instructed to consult the GSA website at http://www.section508.gov/ which contains listings of technical accessability standards for various equipment. If the answer is no, we cannot buy from that vendor. We must buy only Electronic and Information Technology that conforms to Section 508 requirements. The individual should document in the file that the product conforms to the requirements, and if possible, get a statement in writing from the vendor attesting to this fact. For further guidance, see GSA’s Section 508 website, http://www.Section508.gov; NIH maintains it own website at http://prod.ocio.nih.gov/ITGovPolicy/NIH508/Pages/default.aspx.