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NIH Clinical Center and ResearchMatch

The NIH Clinical Center has joined ResearchMatch, an online, national clinical research registry that “matches” people who want to participate in clinical studies with researchers who are seeking volunteers. 

ResearchMatch is a free and secure web-based service that helps connect volunteers to clinical studies taking place at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and at other major academic institutions across the country.  All institutions are part of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awards program.

ResearchMatch     NIH Clinical Center on Research Match

Why consider ResearchMatch?
Searching for clinical studies can be a difficult process. Potential volunteers often ask: Where do I find clinical studies? How do I find a clinical study that interests me? How do I know if I qualify for certain clinical studies?

ResearchMatch makes it easier for volunteers to learn about clinical studies they may qualify for when the studies become available.

How does ResearchMatch work?
Potential volunteers (or their parent/guardian/caretaker) complete a short registration form that asks some questions about who they are along with some optional health questions.

Approved researchers search non-identifiable volunteer data to find possible matches for their studies.  They then send a message about their study through ResearchMatch to these possible matches.

Volunteers receive this message by email.  After reading the study information, the volunteer can choose if the researcher can have their contact information.

The researcher may then directly contact those volunteers who want to learn more about the study and the volunteer can decide whether or not to participate in the study.

Where can I learn more about clinical studies?
Visit the NIH Clinical Trials and You website for information on what clinical research is and why it matters. Get basic information about clinical research, including research protections, video testimonies from volunteers and researchers as well as information on clinical research with seniors and children. [disclaimer] is a not-for-profit, secure website and registry developed through collaborations across a large network of major academic institutions that are part of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award program.

Page last updated: March 16, 2012