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Getting Support

The caBIG® program offers a number of support options for those learning about and deploying capabilities and resources. This page provides an overview of these resources.

caBIG® Knowledge Centers

Part of the Enterprise Support Network (ESN), Knowledge Centers are service centers at institutions with demonstrated expertise in a specific area of focus or domain of interest to caBIG®. Knowledge Centers provide web-based support for education, outreach, training, and deployment needs related to their domain to the caBIG® and broader cancer enterprise; community outreach to expand interest in caBIG® tools and compatibility; domain expertise for those interested in integrating caBIG® into their programs; and maintenance of a central repository of domain-specific tools, documentation, policies, and standards. Learn more about and access the Knowledge Centers.

Support Service Providers (SSP)

Part of the Enterprise Support Network (ESN), SSPs are independent organizations approved by NCI as meeting specific criteria for performance. Under licenses in specific service areas (listed below), they provide client-specific caBIG® support under negotiated client-provider business arrangements. Actual services are rendered by SSPs to clients under contractual business arrangements organized by and between those parties, independent of the NCI and the caBIG® program. caBIG® Support Service Provider licenses have been negotiated in four categories, listed below. Access list of SSPs licensed in each of these categories.

  • Help Desk Support
  • Adaptation and Enhancement of caBIG® -Compatible Software Applications
  • Deployment Support for caBIG® Software Applications
  • Documentation and Training Materials and Services

caBIG® General Forum

Housed within the caBIG® Knowledge Centers, the caBIG® General Forum is an electronic bulletin board for questions. While the Knowledge Centers are your first resource in posting caBIG® domain and tool questions, the General Forum is for questions that fall outside the Knowledge Center's domains, or for cross-cutting questions that do not fit into a specific Knowledge Center.

Application Support

The Application Support team provides both e-mail and phone support for NCI tools. Write to them at, including your contact information; the name of the application or tool you are using; the URL if it is a Web-based application; a description of the problem and steps to recreate it; and the text of any error messages you have received. Telephone support is available Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm Eastern Time, excluding government holidays, at the following numbers: 301-451-4384 or toll free: 888-478-4423.

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