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Workspaces & Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Many caBIG® activities take place within workspaces, which are virtual teams that bring together community members and serve as key operational units of caBIG®. Workspaces are open to anyone wishing to participate and convene through teleconferences, webinars and face-to-face meetings. Workspace products are posted on the caBIG® website, wikis and listservs. Workspace activities include defining project priorities, deliverables and schedules; gathering requirements; and facilitating the sharing of information between workspaces. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within workspaces are convened to address specific needs or topics.


  • Architecture Workspace: Develops the platform that integrates diverse data types and supports interoperable analytic tools. This group also defines syntactic interoperability, mentors developers, and is developing caGrid, the backbone of the caBIG® infrastructure.
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems: Develops a comprehensive set of modular, interoperable and standards based tools designed to meet the diverse clinical trials management needs of the Cancer Center community.
  • Data Sharing and Intellectual Capital: Addresses issues and develops recommendations related to data sharing, patient privacy, intellectual capital, security and other policies related to caGrid as well as other regulatory and proprietary issues.
  • Documentation and Training: Defines guidelines, processes, templates and tools for developing consistent software documentation and training materials and for fostering mentoring activities throughout caBIG®.
  • Integrative Cancer Research Workspace: Develops a spectrum of molecular research technologies including proteomics, genomics, and nanotechnology. Focuses on interoperable tools that provide for integration between biomedical informatics applications and data.
  • In Vivo Imaging Workspace: Creates, optimizes and validates tools and methods to extract meaning from and share imaging data.
  • Tissue Banks and Pathology Tools Workspace: Develops a set of tools to inventory, track, mine, and visualize biospecimens and related annotations from geographically dispersed repositories.
  • Strategic Planning Workspace (Inactive): The original charter of this workspace was to support development of the 2005 and 2006 caBIG® strategic plans, and to support program leadership with strategic planning and vision development activities in the pilot phase of the program.
  • Vocabularies and Common Data Elements Workspace: Evaluates and integrates systems and standards for vocabularies and common data elements and ontology content development, as well as software systems for content delivery. They also define semantic interoperability, train and provide mentors, and provide guidelines for the adoption of standards and CDE harmonization.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Working Groups are projects within workspaces that are convened to address specific or specialized needs of workspaces as they arise. These groups meet regularly via teleconference to discuss issues and come up with solutions. Anyone with an interest in the activities of a group is welcome to attend their sessions.

Architecture (ARCH) SIGs

Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) SIGs

  • Materials from inactive CTMS SIGs are listed at the bottom of the CTMS page.

Data Sharing and Intellectual Capital (DSIC) SIGs

  • No active SIGs: Materials from inactive SIGs are listed at the bottom of the DSIC page.

Documentation & Training (DT) SIGS

  • No active SIGs.

Integrated Cancer Research (ICR) SIGs & Work Groups

In Vivo Imaging (IMAG) SIGs

  • No active SIGs: Materials from inactive IMAG SIGs are listed at the bottom of the IMAG page.

Strategic Planning (SP) SIGs

  • No SIGs.

Tissue Banks and Pathology Tools ( TBPT) SIGs

  • No SIGs.

Vocabulary and Common Data Elements (VCDE) SIGs

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