Assess your institution’s infrastructure and resources

Obtain feedback on the trial from key staff

  • Look at the protocol requirements through the eyes of staff who may be involved—from nurses, to research coordinators, to the pharmacy, to the lab.
  • Share the protocol with investigators, the research team, and people from the other departments that will be involved.
  • Ask questions to understand operational issues such as scheduling and resources.

Assess the financial burden of the trial on your institution

  • Spell out the costs (and benefits) of the proposed trial to your institution before opening the trial.

Assess the capacity of your institution to conduct the trial

  • List what the study will demand of your facility—for example, workspace, lab needs, pharmacy needs.
  • Are new skills required?
  • Does the protocol require new or complex internal processes or special equipment?
  • Where do you see needs that may exceed capacity? What, if anything, can be done to improve or expand capacity in those cases?

Determine if you have adequate staffing levels

  • Be thoughtful about the staffing requirements for the new trial and how trial activities fit with current work.

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